How To Fix Ftd Code On Ge Dishwasher? Top 2023 Fixes!

Ge dishwasher ftd code

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to fix ftd code on ge dishwasher?

Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone, there are numerous people I’ve seen battle with this problem and have been able to fix the issue.

No doubt! you’re at the right place to find a long lasting solution to this error code problem.

If FTD code keeps appearing on your ge dishwasher, the reasons for this are mainly because of a clogged drain hose, faulty drain pump and impeller, clogged or damaged pressure sensor, using an excessive amount or the wrong type of detergent.

Keep on reading in order to learn more about how you can single handedly fix these issues.

Ge Dishwasher Ftd Meaning?

FTD code on a ge dishwasher simply stands for “Failure to Drain”. This mostly indicates that your dishwasher is having difficulties or unable to drain wastewater properly.

Depending on the source of the problem, there are several reasons why this error code might have appeared on the display of your dishwasher.

What Are The Causes Of Ge Dishwasher Code Ftd? 

Meanwhile, we have briefly made mention of a few causes of this error code earlier. 

This section will highlight the causes in full details but before we dive into that, take your time to go through this table below as it contains the causes and the quickest ways to fix in a bid to save time.

CausesQuick and Easy Fixes
Blocked drainageCheck and inspect your ge dishwasher sump filter for any filters that might be clogging the surface.
Faulty or clogged drain pump and Impeller If this component is clogged; clear the drain of any debris otherwise replace it entirely if damaged.
Blocked drain hose Check if the drain and water supply hoses are kinked or damaged. 
Excess or wrong type of detergent Remove excess suds in the dishwasher or only use suitable dishwashing detergents
Problems with the pressure sensorInspect the pressure sensor for any blockages or damages.
Obstructed chopper blade assemblyRemove any debris around the chopper blade assembly and ensure it spins effectively.

#1. Blocked Drainage

Since the ftd error code being displayed is associated with draining issues, it’s important that you inspect all the necessary drainage components of the appliance.

A clogged sump filter is one of the reasons why this code is being displayed to you.

The sump filter of a GE dishwasher is important for removing food particles residues and debris from the dishwasher water.

However, a clogged sump filter will definitely reduce the flow of water and overall effectiveness of the dishwasher.

This is why I recommend ensuring that the drum filter is regularly maintained.

#2. Kinked or Damaged Water Supply Hoses

Ftd code on ge dishwasher

When your dishwasher water supply hoses are blocked, kinked or damaged – it can drastically reduce the efficiency of your dishwasher. 

Most people made comments that ftd code code on their ge dishwasher was caused by a blocked drain hose and this is typically true.

The drain hose must be in a good condition in order to avoid water overflow or obstruction of the flow of water out of the dishwasher.

#3. Excessive or Wrong Type Of Detergent

Many dishwasher users are fond of using too much soap while using the appliance with assumptions that it helps clean the dishes thoroughly. 

Well, it does not! In Fact it adversely affects the dishwasher and over time you begin to experience subsequent problems and one of these is ge dishwasher error codes ftd.

Excess amount of detergents in the appliance leads to excessive suds/foams which in return causes future issues.

Additionally, using the wrong type of detergent is also among the reasons why this code got displayed. 

#4. Faulty Or Clogged Drain Pump And Impeller

Dishwasher drain pump

In order for water to be drained effectively, one of the two most important dishwasher’s drainage systems, the drain pump and impeller must work together.

Most especially, the drain pump impeller is similar to a rotor with vanes that aids the flow of water in order to assist the drain pump to remove this water from the dishwasher tub.

Water might get accumulated in the tub and not drain properly if the drain pump or drain pump impeller is clogged or damaged.

#5. Problems With The Pressure Sensor

The main responsibility of the pressure sensor in your GE dishwasher is to measure and monitor the pressure of water in the appliance and ensure overfilling and flooding is avoided.

When the sensor is working perfectly, accurate water level will be maintained.

But if it’s blocked or damaged, it might result in some damages, drainage problems and this is why your dishwasher displays the ftd code.

#6. Obstructed Chopper Blade Assembly

Another likely cause of this issue is an obstructed chopper blade.

However, this occurs when the component is prevented from being able to work and rotate perfectly due to excessive debris or some other foreign materials. 

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How To Fix Ftd Code On Ge Dishwasher?

Subsequently, here are the ways to fix ftd code on your ge dishwasher.

It only requires following each procedure and I assume you, your appliance will be fixed in no time. 

Fix 1: Inspect And Clean The Sump Filter

One of the first procedures I recommend looking into is to find the sump filter and clean any debris that might be preventing it from working perfectly.

Sump pump filter

Typically, the sump filter can be located at the bottom of the dishwasher’s interior.

You would easily recognize it as it consists of a basket-like cover or mesh screen, this helps it collect any solid debris and blockages.

In order to clean:

  • Remove the sump filter from the dishwasher and wash with warm water and a suitable dishwashing detergent.
  • After it’s dry and free from solid debris, you can attach it back and reassemble the filter.

Fix 2: Clear Any Debris And Blockages In The Drain Hose

You must have inspected the drain hose and checked if it’s either kinked or clogged with debris.

Removing these debris shouldn’t obviously be an herculean task as it might seem to others.

In order to clear the debris and clean the hose:

  • The drain hose is usually attached to the back of the dishwasher as you will find an end connected under the sink.
  • Pull the drain hose out and disconnect at both ends, visually inspect inside and make sure you clear all blockages. 
  • When you are done attach it back to its initial position.

Note: Aside from cleaning the debris inside the dishwasher drain hose, you also need to ensure that it isn’t leaking.

How to fix Ftd code on ge dishwasher

Fix 3: Remove Clogs or Replace The Drain Pump And Impeller.

It’s important to know that your GE dishwasher won’t work effectively if there are clogs present on the surface of the drain pump and impeller.

Remove all these debris and recheck if the displayed code has been cleared.

If it hasn’t and you notice a damage on the drain pump impeller, then you will need to replace the component.

You can order a drain pump impeller replacement online or get a compatible one at a nearby store.

Fix 4: Clean Or Replace The Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor of your dishwasher is a very sensitive component which could start to malfunction either when blocked or damaged.

In order to clean this component, you have to gain access to the pressure sensor or float switch.

Locate the float switch and make sure that it can freely move up and down.

If this doesn’t get rid of the ftd code, then you might need to replace the entire pressure sensor.

Fix 5: Only Use The Correct Type Of Detergent

At this point, you should have realized that using incorrect detergent type for a dishwasher leads to excessive suds and damage.

According to GE, it’s highly recommended that you only use a liquid, tablet, pod or powder detergents that are specifically designed for GE dishwashers.

Examples of the recommended detergents include Cascade Platinum ActionPacs or Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwashing Detergent.

Note: Once you have carried out any or all of the above fixes, the ftd code on your GE dishwasher should be gone for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ge dishwasher draining but still showing FTD code?

If your ge dishwasher shows ftd code but doesn’t stop the appliance from draining, then it’s highly possible that there are clogs on the pressure sensor or it’s completely damaged.

In this kind of situation, what you have to do initially is to clean the pressure sensor and if the code still persists then you should replace the pressure sensor entirely.

Can I fix the FTD error on my GE dishwasher myself?

Yes you can fix the error code all by yourself! Most of the fixes highlighted above aren’t thoroughly technical procedures that require only expert interference. 

How can I prevent the FTD error displaying on my GE dishwasher?

In order to prevent your GE dishwasher from displaying ftd error codes in the future, you need to ensure that you properly maintain the drainage system of your dishwasher.

  1. Always ensure that the drain hose is free from debris and clogs at all times.
  2. Ensure that you only make use of the recommended dishwashing detergents. 
  3. Make sure the drain pump and drain pump impeller is maintained properly so as to avoid damages.


Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know in order to fix this code on your ge dishwasher. You should be able to carry out all the fixes with ease.

Remember to always maintain your dishwasher properly in order to avoid issues like this.

Thanks for taking time to read this extensive guide.

If you ever need to experience another issue with your dishwasher, we have other related information to check out below.

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