GE Dishwasher H20 Error – 5 Proven Ways To Clear (Explained)

First and foremost, I know you are here mainly because you are probably having issues with your dishwasher and you need to know how you can fix this.

If your GE dishwasher fails to run and it displays an H20 error code on the SSD screen, there is a problem lurking around.

Be rest assured that I will be taking you through the guides to clear the GE dishwasher H20 error code.

Moving forward, what are the diagnosis and signs you are probably experiencing?

The appliance might not be functioning properly as it should.

The error code could appear during 1-hour wash, while other wash cycles are ongoing or immediately after turning on the appliance. 

What Does GE Dishwasher H20 Error Means?

Basically, an H20 error code is an indication of a “low water situation”. This error normally occurs if water supply to the dishwasher is not completely turned on.

In cases like this, you might need to carry out a lot of inspections on your dishwasher. 

Don’t worry, you can actually do this all by yourself without needing the help of a professional for now.

The h20 error on ge dishwasher is a virtual sign or representation that there’s an issue with the dishwasher which is associated with water supply, the hose or inlet valve.

It’s all basically defects that has to do with water supply to the dishwasher.

Why Does H20 Error Code Appear On My Dishwasher Display?

There are various reasons why this error might appear on your dishwasher along with the low water situation issue. 

Here are the reasons below:

  • The dishwasher is new or being used for the very first time.
  • The dishwasher is not getting enough water or no water at all. 
  • The water supply to the dishwasher under the sink has been recently turned OFF.
  • The dishwasher water supply hose is damaged.
  • The water supply hose is blocked or clogged up with a build-up of dirt.
  • A damaged water inlet valve.

The Dishwasher Is New Or Being Used For The Very First Time

If this is the first time you’re using a GE dishwasher or you just got it and your screen displays the H20 error code. 

You don’t really need to worry too much as this might be a result of the newness of the appliance. 

The error code would eventually get cleared after a while of being displayed.

Ensure that you don’t tamper with the new dishwasher in bid to clear the code. 

In order not to void the warranty of the new dishwasher, don’t attempt to manually fix anything.

Just give it time since it’s new, it will get cleared in no time. You can also switch it off for a few minutes and turn it back on. That should fix it.

GE Dishwasher Is Not Getting Enough Water

If your dishwasher isn’t brand new, you might need to inspect some other particular areas in order to detect the reason why it keeps displaying H20 error code.

Another reason is because the appliance isn’t getting enough water as it should or no water is being passed through at all.

Perhaps the water pressure in the dishwasher is low or totally OFF, there wouldn’t be any passage of water to the appliance.

Ge dishge dishwasher damaged hose

The water fill phase of the cycle might also be on a timer which is the reason why the error code keeps displaying.

The Water Supply Knob Is Turned OFF

Your dishwasher needs to be able to effectively withdraw water and this can’t be possible if the water supply knob is turned off.

Most GE dishwashers come with a control knob which is found under the appliance. 

Usually it is used for controlling the passage of water via the hose to the dishwasher.

If you mistakenly turn this off, you might begin to have issues with the dishwasher which leads to the display of the error code.

The Dishwasher Water Supply Hose Is Damaged

Another reason for the display of error codes is as a result of a damaged dishwasher water supply hose. 

It is likely that the hose is twisted or coiled if you have been using it for quite a long time. 

A damaged hose won’t allow water to flow properly into the dishwasher and this is a clear reason why a GE dishwasher H20 error code is shown on the SSD screen.

The Water Supply Hose Is Clogged

In line with the water supply hose, it might also be clogged with debris sometimes. The dishwasher tends to fill too slowly or not all if the hose is blocked.

However, if the water supply hose is clogged it restricts the flow of water to the appliance.

A Damaged Or Clogged Water Inlet Valve.

Another reason why the error code might display on the dishwasher is due to a faulty water inlet valve. 

The sole responsibility of a water inlet valve is for controlling the movement of water into the dishwasher.

You should have probably noticed that the H20 error code is tightly associated with water supply. 

Nonetheless, the inlet valve might also get clogged and when this occurs, the dishwasher won’t work properly and the error code would be displayed.

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How Do I Clear GE Dishwasher H20 Error Code?

The moment you get restricted from using your dishwasher due to constant display of error code. You definitely want to fix this instantly without a doubt.

Below are the step-by-step procedures to clear the H20 error code.  

Ensure That The Water Level Is Balanced In The Dishwasher.

Surely, the water level of your dishwasher need to balanced in order to avoid water going too forward and too backwards in the dishwasher.

Properly levelling the appliance is one of the numerous ways of clearing the error code with ease.

ge dishwasher says h20

This is basically one of the first things you need to do, check and inspect.

Make Sure That The Hot Water Valve Is Turned ON.

There is a water valve connection under the sink which can be turned On or Off.

In order to ensure that water valve is turned On, you need to turn the small knob counterclockwise as this will allow water to flow properly to the dishwasher.

If you do this accurately the dishwasher will have an exact pressure which is needed to fill the appliance as fast as possible.

After turning on the hot water valve, you can proceed to restart the appliance. That should get the error code cleared.

Check To Make Sure There Are No Debris In The Water Supply Hose.

Another thing you would want to do is inspect the hose for any signs of debris. 

Debris usually blocks the hose but this is a normal situation if you have been using the appliance for a long time.

If you notice that the hose is kinked or clogged with buildup of dirt. Ensure that you remove every single of them.

Wtf this procedure, you should clear the h20 error code ge dishwasher displays.

Choose Another Cycle Option – ge dishwasher h20 error

Another quick solution you can apply is to select another cycle option on the dishwasher.  

The trick here is to choose another cycle option first, then you should change that option back to your choice of settings. 

Doing this would likely clear the error code but if it doesn’t, try out other solutions below.

Replace The Water Inlet Valves

The water inlet valve is another vital component of the dishwasher which ensures adequate flow of water to the dishwasher.

You might need to replace the water inlet valves if it gets damaged. One way to know if its damaged is if the error code keeps appearing.

water inlet valve

Just ensure that you have attempted the aforementioned solutions before trying this precise one out. 

What To Do If You Are Still Getting Ge Dishwasher H20 Error Code?

We’ve highlighted the possible ways to fix your dishwasher and get rid of this error code. But, if the error code still keeping appearing then you might need to call a service man.

Reach out to a service man or contact the manufacturer of the appliance. 

Most times, if the H20 error code only shows up during 1-hour wash, you might need a professional to check it out.

You can also get in touch with the Ge customer service support by putting through a service call. 

Here are the numbers to call for assistance below.

  • 1-800-432-2737
  • 1-800-626-2005

Do you know that the control board in your

GE dishwasher might also be defective?

I urge you to try troubleshooting the control board and attempt the process of diagnostics.

Wrapping Up

You should definitely try out our list of fixes and I’m sure you would be able to clear your ge dishwasher H20 error code.

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