Samsung Dishwasher OC Code (6 Fixes Explained!)

samsung dishwasher oc code

It could be really frustrating while using your dishwasher and it suddenly displays an error code which refuses to go away!

However, if the samsung dishwasher oc code is displayed on your control panel and you don’t know how to fix this, we’ll be highlighting a detailed guide to assist you in this article.

The OC error code is simply associated with water overfilling issues. The main causes of this code includes kinked drain hoses, obstructions in the drain pipes, malfunctioning water level sensor and a faulty water inlet valve.

With this information, you should already be acquainted with what to do in order to solve the problem. Regardless of that lets dive into the methods I’ll explain on how to clear oc code on samsung dishwasher.

What Is Samsung Dishwasher OC code?

This error code simply indicates a water overflow problem which means an excess amount of water has been detected inside the dishwasher. 

What usually triggers this error is when there’s no space for water to enter or drain out of the appliance. Directly, this is associated with the drainage system or the passage through which water is distributed in the base of the unit.

What Are The Causes Of OC Code On Samsung Dishwasher?

The OC error code doesn’t just get displayed on its own, it’s an indication of a problem which is triggered by the causes we’ll be highlighting below.

Here’s a tabular representation that shows you some of these causes and the quick fixes for each.

CausesQuick Fixes
1Unleveled dishwasherCheck for any damages amongst the leveling and adjust or replace.
2Clogged or kinked drain hoseInspect the drain hose that carries water out of the appliance. Check for kinks and potential clogs.
3Faulty water inlet valveCheck for any blockages and get rid of them. In case of any likely damage, you need to replace the component.
4Malfunctioning water level sensor Locate the sensor with the help of your manual, clean the surface. Otherwise, replace the entire defective sensor if the problem still persists.
5Clogged drain filterIf the drain filter seems blocked, use a soft fabric and soap to clean it. Ensure that it’s free from clogs and food residues.
6Defective or malfunctioning float switchCheck if the float switch is correctly detecting the level of water inside the dishwasher. If not, it definitely needs attention, repair or replacements.

1. Dishwasher not leveled

samsung dishwasher oc error code

One of the reasons why your samsung dishwasher says oc error code might be due to the appliance not being leveled.

What actually controls the balance of the appliance is the amount of loads inside and the leveling legs.

These legs are literally attached to a wood skid with only two on each side.

However, a water overflow can occur as a result of water accumulating on one side if the dishwasher isn’t leveled. You need to detect what’s causing your dishwasher to be tilted or unbalanced in order to fix this.


It’s important to first inspect the four leveling legs of your dishwasher in order to ensure that they’re all balanced.

This is part of the initial procedures I always carry out whenever my dishwasher displays this exact code.

It’s the easiest and one of the first things you should inspect.

2. Clogged or kinked drain hose

Too much water has been detected in your dishwasher probably because the drain hose is filled with blockages or it isn’t straight enough to allow free passage of water.

The clogged drain hose is what’s preventing water from out of the dishwasher as a result leading to the display of the oc error code.


If you find out that clogs and debris are stuck in the hoses then it’s time for you to clean it. The drain hose is soft and very flexible, so you need to be extra careful while cleaning it.

Use a commercial declogger to remove any debris in the hose after pulling it off the dishwasher.

After doing this, inspect the hose to see if it’s kinked. Then straighten it and clear any obstructions you find.  

3. Clogged drain filter

oc code on samsung dishwasher

The drain filter often gets stuck with debris and food residues which are obstructing proper filtering. 

You need to wash the drain filter with any soft fabric and soap, soak it inside warm water until you are sure that all clogs have been removed.

4. Faulty water inlet valve

A water inlet valve regulates the amount of water that flows into your dishwasher by a simple mechanism.

If it gets damaged or clogged with debris, it can lead to leaks and excessive amounts of water flowing into the appliance.

When the water inside the dishwasher is beyond what’s needed, the overflow error occurs triggering the samsung dishwasher oc error code.

The water inlet valve is a very important component you should consider inspecting if you are experiencing this issue. 

samsung dishwasher not draining oc code


Check the water inlet valve and make sure there is no obstruction at all. You should only replace the water inlet valve if it’s faulty.

Here’s what you need to do in order to detect if the component is faulty or not.

Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the valve. Test the solenoids by placing the probe on each terminal of the solenoids.

If you discover that the inlet valve is faulty, then you need to replace it.

5. Malfunctioning water level sensor

When the water level sensor starts to malfunction, it might stop detecting the actual and correct level of water in the appliance. 

For instance, if the defective sensor detects an incorrectly high water level, it signals to the control panel to display the OC error code.

Although there’s no high water level in the dishwasher, the malfunctioning water level sensor is making it look like there is. 


What you need to do is inspect the sensor to check if it’s damaged or not. Initially, you need to clean it to be sure it isn’t obstructed by debris.

If this still doesn’t work, then you need to replace the component water level sensor. 

Replacing the sensor will ensure that measurement of water levels is more precise and efficient in order to avoid underfilling and overfilling the dishwasher.

6. Defective float switch

samsung dishwasher error code oc

As your dishwasher fills with water, the float switch controls the flow and water level in the unit. A faulty float switch can lead to flooding which is the reason for samsung dishwasher oc code display. 

The float switch is triggered when water rises in the appliance, forcing it to shut off before an overflow occurs.

Overfilling occurs in the dishwasher when the float switch is not activated and stuck at its lowest level.


Inspect the dishwasher for the float switch which is usually located below the float assembly at the bottom of your dishwasher tub.

Make sure that the switch is moving up and down and it isn’t stuck or stiff in one position.

However, it only becomes a problem if the float switch isn’t moving at all. In situations like this, you need to replace the switch.

How To Fix Oc Code On Samsung Dishwasher?

Just like I’ve highlighted above, there are a few fixes you are required to carry out if you are experiencing issues while trying to clear the oc error code on your dishwasher. 

Below are the recommended fixes:

  • Unplug the dishwasher from its power source.
  • Unclog your blocked dishwasher drain hose with a de-clogger and reattach back properly.
  • Remove and clean the drain filter.
  • Clear your garbage disposal.
  • Inspect the malfunctioning water inlet valve for blockages and replace if it’s faulty.
  • Ensure the floating switch is moving up and down and not stuck.
  • Replace the faulty water level sensor.
  • Lastly, reset the dishwasher after fixing or replacing any component by switching the circuit breaker.


With the help of the above fixes, we hope that you were able to clear the OC code on the Samsung dishwasher. If not, then you might need to call the attention of an appliance technician to check it out. Thanks for reading!

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