Whirlpool Dishwasher e2 f2 – Step-by-step Procedures To Fix

e2 f2 whirlpool dishwasher

Are you stuck trying to fix e2 f2 whirlpool dishwasher code but it’s really getting on your nerves? 

You don’t need to worry! You are not alone as there are, basically, numerous people currently experiencing this problem and I can assure you that you’ll get a solution in this article. 

The main reason for f2 e2 error flashing on your whirlpool dishwasher is because the wire plug connection is corroded or damaged, there’s no voltage at the control boards, the interface control board is faulty, and the main electronic control board is not responding. 

To fix: Reset the dishwasher control by turning off the power supply to the appliance. Turn off the circuit breaker or unplug the dishwasher from its power source for 1 minute.

In this article, I’ve created a list of other common causes of this occurrence and the easiest ways to fix the error if resetting doesn’t work. Keep reading in order to learn how to fix the problem.

What Does E2 And F2 Mean On A Whirlpool Dishwasher?

If e2 f2 code is flashing on your whirlpool dishwasher, it simply means that’s there is a problem with the User Interface.

It’s either faulty or malfunctioning as it is not communicating with the main electronic control board inside the door.

In case you don’t know, the interface control board is actually different from the main control board. 

The interface control board is a visible component that you interact with in order to select and change various settings on the appliance.

While on the other hand, the main control board simply coordinates several cycles and functions of the dishwasher.

However, they both need to communicate and work together to ensure effective operation of your dishwasher.

E2 F2 error code

How To Fix E2 F2 Error Whirlpool Dishwasher?

There are just a few causes of this error code on your dishwasher. However, in this section we’ll be highlighting a quick tabular representation that shows you the causes and the quickest way to fix each problem.

CausesQuick And Easy Fixes
Damaged or corroded wire harnessCheck the main wire connecting the interface control board and the main control board for corrosion or damages. 
Use a brush to wipe out the corroded part or simply replace. 
No voltage at the Control boards.Use a multimeter to test the controls and replace any that doesn’t respond.
Interface control board is damagedDetach the dishwasher door latch parts and replace this component.
The main electronic control board is faultyYou need to simply disengage the dishwasher, then remove and replace the control board. 

The above are the quickest fixes. In the rest of the content, I’ll take you through the steps to carry out these Fixes one after the other. Keep reading!

1. Damaged Or Corroded Wire Harness

There are several wires connecting the components together but there’s a specific wire harness that connects the interface control board with the main control board. 

If this wire harness gets detached, corroded or damaged – the interface control board will no longer be able to send instructions and communicate with the electronic control board. 

When this occurs, your washing machine starts to display the f2 e2 error code on the screen. 

How To Fix

At this point you should already know what to do, don’t you? You just have to reattach the wire harness if it’s probably disconnected or loose.

Check if it’s corroded or damaged, then find possible replacements.

To do this:

  • Step 1: Turn off power supply to the dishwasher and remove the screws holding the inner door liner. 
  • Step 2: Check the status of the wire harnesses that run from the interface control board to the control panel.
  • Step 3: Reattach back to its position if it’s detached. In case it seems corroded, you need to use a brush and you can likely add a corrosion-removing substance to the brush.

However, if nothing is wrong with the wires – don’t bother replacing it, all you need is to check out other causes and fixes below.

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2. Interface Control Panel Is Damaged

Basically, the User Interface control panel is the center of this issue and is the main reason why the error keeps appearing on your dishwasher. 

How to fix e2 f2 code on whirlpool dishwasher

Additionally, if there is no voltage at the interface control panel you need to replace this component. 

How To Fix

In order to clear the error code, you need to find a replacement for the interface control board.

Ensure that whenever you’re ordering one, it must be compatible with the model of your whirlpool dishwasher.

Follow these steps below in order to replace the interface control board. 

  • Step 1: First and foremost, you should disconnect the appliance from its power source. Remove the screws holding the inner and outer door panels together. (Tools needed: 3/16 inch nut screwdriver, screwdriver with VT 15 star and a flattened screwdriver).
  • Step 2: Lift up the door and separate the cases into two halves. Then remove the wires connecting the interface board to the main control board.
  • Step 3: Now use the flat headed screwdriver to separate the interface control board from the door it’s attached to.
  • Step 4: Pull the interface control board out with the console and install a new one. You need to be sure it’s the type specifically for your dishwasher model.
  • Step 5: Reinstall the console and the front panel of the dishwasher. That’s all! Set it back up and connect to the power source.

If you are experiencing difficulties while trying to replace this, here is an extensive video to help you out.

After replacing the interface control board, the e2 f2 error is expected to be cleared and your dishwasher shouId be back to normal.

3. The Main Electronic Control Board Is Faulty

This main control board is responsible for managing and coordinating various functions and features of the dishwasher.

It can lose communication with the interface control board if it’s faulty or malfunctioning.

If after replacing the interface control board console, you still experience the error code, then the next course of action is to inspect the main control board.

Interface control panel fixing

How To Fix

In order to fix this issue, you need to replace this component because there’s no voltage passing across anymore. 

Follow these steps below in order to replace the main control board. 

  • Step 1: Ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from its power source or flipped the circuit breaker. 
  • Step 2: Remove the screws holding the inner and outer door panels together just like you did for the interface control board. (Tools needed are: a flattened screwdriver, VT 15 star screwdriver, and 3/16 inch nut screwdriver).
  • Step 3: Gently lift up the door and separate the cases into two halves. Then remove all the wires harness you see connected to the interface board from the main control board.
  • Step 4: Now use the flat headed screwdriver to separate the main control board from its housing.
  • Step 5: Pull out the main control board and install a new compatible one. Reattach the component and screw up the front panel of the dishwasher. That’s all! Set it back up and turn on the circuit breaker.

Note: I recommend that you follow the fixes from top to bottom accordingly, so that you don’t end up carrying out the difficult fixes when you only need to reset the dishwasher.

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Conclusion On Whirlpool Dishwasher F2 E2 Error

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know, I hope you should be able to fix this problem as soon as possible. Share your thoughts in the comment section!

In order to be sure if it’s the main control board or interface control board that needs to be replaced. 

After removing the screws on the door and getting access to the boards, you can use a multimeter to test the voltage with the probes. 

Eventually, you should replace the component that has no voltage at the board.

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