Amana Washer Off Balance (Fixed!)

Amana washer off balance

It can become a threatening headache when your amana washer is out of balance for no reason and you obviously don’t know the solution to this. 

Amana washing machines are relatively of high quality and does not really malfunction so easily.

However, the potential reasons why your amana washing machine is off balance is because of excessive loads in the washer, a damaged drum bearing, an unbalanced washer, worn out suspension rods, damaged shock absorber and dampening straps, presence of heavy foreign objects and lastly a corroded shaft.

Be rest assured that we’ll be highlighting how you can fix these problems in this article below.

Amana Washer Out Of Balance? Reasons And Fixes

There are numerous reasons why you might be experiencing this issue with your amana washing machine, most of which has been mentioned above. 

In a rush? Here is a tabular representation that shows you the potential causes and how to fix the problem.

Potential Reason/CausesQuick Fixes
The washer is not leveled on groundInspect and adjust the rubber anti-vibration pads until it stops moving to and fro.
Heavy foreign items are in the washer
Remove any substances in washer drum and ensure the loads are placed evenl
Loads aren’t balanced in the washerMake sure you only wash a few loads at a time excluding bulky ones.
Alternatively, remove excess loads in the washer.
Shock absorber is damagedCheck for any leaks in the shock absorber and find a replacement if damaged.
Damaged or worn out bearingsDismantle the washing machine and inspect the bearings. Remove and replace damaged drum bearings.
Faulty suspension rodsCheck for any damages on the rods then find suitable replacements for them.
Corroded washing machine shaftCheck the shaft for corrosion and replace if sheared or corroded.
The agitator have come looseTest the rotation of the agitator with your hands and reattach/replace the entire agitator if detached or damaged.

How To Fix Amana Washer Off Balance?

Amana front load washer out of balance

Below is a detailed explanation of the reasons for an unbalanced amana washing machine and how you can fix them accordingly.

1. Uneven/Unbalanced Loads In The Washing Machine

If there are excess unbalanced loads in your amana washer, it could cause the appliance to tilt to and fro as it gets out of balance. 

In order to fix this an unbalanced amana washer, ensure that you put only the correct amount of loads in the washer which is proportional to the drum size. 

Remove excess loads and follow the instructions in your manual. It’s recommended that you leave a little bit of space between the loads in order to allow free flow of water.

2. Worn Out or Faulty Drum Bearings

The drum bearings play a very important role in supporting the rotation and spinning of your washing machine. Drum bearings usually wear out if water continuously seeps through the seals around the metal bearings.

  • For amana front loaders, the drum bearings are located at the rear of the outer tub while top-loading amana washers have their bearings attached to the inner tub.
  • In order to replace a damaged bearing, what you need to do is take apart the washing machine and replace the worn out bearings.

3. There Are Foreign Items In The Washer

Stuck items or presence of heavy foreign objects might lead to an abnormal functioning of your amana washer. 

In situations like this, all you have to do is check if there are any stuck materials in the drum or around, then remove them.

In addition to this, you should remove any heavy items in the washer and put them in a different space. 

You should wash these items one at a time as they’re so huge and should not be washed together in order to avoid getting your washing machine off balance while spinning.

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4. The Washer Is Not Leveled On Ground

One of the reasons why your amana washing machine is off balance or out of balance during is due to the appliance not being leveled. 

amana washers have 4 leveling feet with rubber anti-vibration pads placed underneath. The feet are expected to stay firm in order to work efficiently. 

If any of these legs gets uneven or the rubber anti-vibration pads have come loose, it could cause your washing machine to be off balance.

Nevertheless, Begin to loosen the lockings by turning the legs clockwise and then adjust with a wrench or by hand.

  • To fix a amana washer out of balance issue, you need to inspect and adjust the legs of the washer and ensure it’s not tipping forward and backwards. 
  • Check the flooring condition by ensuring it’s in good condition as it shouldn’t be cracked or waterlogged. If the flooring is moldy, repair the flooring or consider changing the area of the washer to a different location.

5. The Washing Agitator Have Come Loose

This is usually common for top load amana washing machines. Sometimes, the agitator might get loose and this can result in the washer being unbalanced.

In order to check if the agitator of your washer is loosen or not, you need to place your hands inside the drum and inspect the center. Turn the agitator with your hand to inspect if it’s stable or not.

However, if it’s detached you can use a wrench to reattach it back. Be aware that if the agitator is completely damaged, you might need to replace it.

6. Shock Absorber Is Damaged

Shock absorbers are among the components that participate in the balance of a amana washer. It goes between the outer tub and the base frame. If it’s worn out or damaged, it could be another reason why your washer might be unbalanced.

  • In order to fix a broken or faulty shock absorber, you need to dismantle the washing machine and take out the shock absorber.
  • You might need the help of a specialist to remove the back panel and dismantle the appliance. Irrespective of that – do note that all this needs is a replacement.

7. Corroded Motor Shaft

It’s really possible for the shaft of your washer to get corroded if it keeps getting in contact with water or detergent. A slight damage can result in the washer not getting balanced during a cycle.

The method to fix this issue is to replace the motor shaft with a new one. Once it’s replaced, your washing machine should stop spinning off balance.

8. Damaged Suspension Rods

A amana washing suspension rod does not get damaged easily as they usually last for a minimum of 4 years. The rods act as a support for the washer tub and prevent it from being unstable and unbalanced.

Sometimes it does get damaged and worn out with time and this could be a reason why your washer is getting out of balance. 

To fix this, you need to locate the suspension rods by removing the top and front panels. Inspect if the suspension rods are damaged before replacing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amana Top Load Washer Off Balance

Amana Top Load Washer Out Of Balance?

Agitator issues are mostly associated with amana top loaders. If your amana top load washing machine is getting off balance, you should inspect the agitator, suspension rods, drum bearings, reduce the amount of loads, inspect the shock absorber and check the shaft.

Amana Front Load Washer Out Of Balance?

Note that if your amana top load washing machine is getting off balance, you should inspect the shock absorber, reduce the amount of loads, check the drum bearings, washing machine shaft and inspect the suspension rods.

Final Thoughts

With the detailed information above, we hope you’ve been able to fix your amana washer shakes violently. Finally, if you are still experiencing difficulties in fixing the issue, you might definitely need the assistance of an appliance technician. 

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