Samsung Dishwasher Blinking Heavy Light (Fixed!)

samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking

It’s without a doubt an error if your dishwasher isn’t working and it keeps blinking the heavy light on the control panel. 

Here is a quick solution:

Try unplugging and plugging the dishwasher from its power source. Check for water leak issues and some other possible plumbing issues. That’s the short answer to your problem. You need to keep on reading if you are looking for an extensive guide on how to thoroughly fix this problem yourself.

Depending on your samsung dishwasher model, the blinking heavy light might mean different things when flashing along with other LEDs.

Although, it’s totally normal for your dishwasher lights to blink during a cycle or while you’re tampering with the functions. It only becomes an issue when the appliance is affected and stopped from working.

In this article below, we’ll be highlighting the combinations of lights that blinks with heavy light if an issue is detected and their meanings.

Why Is My Samsung Dishwasher Blinking Heavy Light?

In this section of the article, we’ll be highlighting what it means for the heavy to be flashing itself or along with some other lights.

When a combination of lights are blinking in this dishwasher, it definitely means an error has occurred somewhere..

Before we dive into details. Here is a quick overview of the lights that might blink along with the heavy light and the respective causes.

Note: If only the “Heavy” light is flashing and the dishwasher stops functioning, the issue is possibly associated with presence of moisture around the sensor or perhaps a faulty drainage system.

Blinking Lights (LEDs)Specific Causes
1Heavy Light OnlyDrainage issues, sensor problems or presence of too much moisture internally.
2Heavy + Auto LightPresence of too much water in the dishwasher. 
3Heavy + Delicate LightMalfunctioning of the internal heater of the dishwasher. 
4Heavy + Quick + Delicate LightThe temperature sensor might be faulty. You might need to replace damaged components.
5Heavy + Normal + Quick LightLack of significant water present in the dishwasher.
6Heavy + Express 60 LightDishwashers refuse to heat due to damaged heating elements or other temperature-related problems.
7Heavy + Normal + Express 60 LightThe thermistor is faulty, malfunctioning or short circuited.
8Heavy & Smart Auto LightSome parts of the drainage system might be damaged. Such as the valves, hose, drain impeller and pump motor.

Irrespective of the aforementioned lights that are flashing on your dishwasher, you can try all of the fixes below and check if this issue will be gone.

However, we can assure that the following fixes which have been highlighted for you in a step-by-step manner are all verified and tested.

How To Fix A Samsung Dishwasher Flashing Heavy Light?

With the help of the table highlighted above, you should be able to specify the actual light blinking along with the heavy light on your dishwasher.

This will ensure that you focus on the specific fixes due to the illustrated causes above. Regardless of that, you can attempt the following fixes we’ve compiled for you.

1. Reset the dishwasher control panel

This is the first step you must take in order to avoid wasting your time and tampering with unnecessary fixes. The control panel of your samsung dishwasher could be malfunctioning which is why the heavy light combinations keep flashing.

Try resetting the dishwasher by turning it off at the circuit breaker or power source, then turning it back on after a few minutes.

If this doesn’t solve this issue, then you can go ahead with other fixes below.

2. Inspect and Fix the water supply problem

Water supply is one of the main issues why your dishwasher keeps flashing the heavy light as this is mostly associated with the Heavy + Quick + Delicate and Heavy + Auto indicator LEDs. 

a). Not enough water in the dishwasher: I hope you are aware that this issue is indicated by the (Heavy + Normal + Quick Lights). It usually occurs when there is extremely low water or your house’s water supply isn’t strong enough. 

It could also be due to a clogged water inlet valve which has stored a lot of dirt and debris.

Samsung dishwasher control panel

  • The solution to this is to inspect the water supply to your dishwasher and ensure that it’s turned on properly and delivering enough water into the appliance.
  • Due a partially opened water supply, your dishwasher tends to receive very little amount of water and this is why the indicator keeps flashing. When the flow of water is fully restored, it’s expected that your dishwasher gets back to work.

b). Too much water in the dishwasher: 

According to the table above, this issue is associated with the following light combinations (Heavy + Auto). 

Check if the pumps are correctly attached to the dishwasher. If it isn’t, there would be a restriction of what is definitely one of the causes of excessive water in the dishwasher.

  • Ensure that there are no signs of blockages in any of the hoses and pipes. If there are, flush them out by detaching the hose and properly removing them all.
  • If wastewater isn’t draining properly this will result in leaks and further possible damages.
  • It’s possible for the floater switch or water level switch to be malfunctioning. If this component is damaged, accurate reading of water level won’t occur which also leads to heavy light blinking. 

The solution to this is to fix the faulty float switch or replace the entire component.

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3. Check and Fix The Drainage System 

This is one of the numerous causes of the flashing light issues which is triggered if any parts of the drainage system is damaged, blocked or not properly connected.

What you need to do in this situation is to inspect all constituents of the dishwasher drainage system.

Checking drain hose

a). Check the drain hose for any blockages:

Kinks and dirt might have accumulated in the drain hose. What you are required to do is to make sure that there are no blockages then secure it properly to the dishwasher.

Next, check for any bends in the hose which might be preventing or restricting the free flow of water. Since the hose is very small, any bends or damage is enough to affect the drainage system.

b) Check the drain filter:

Drain-pump filters usually get clogged or torn on a regular basis due to the presence of suds, particles and other foreign materials. 

Ensure that the drain filter is free from clogs and lints, take it out and wash carefully with clean water. Remove all the clogs you see before attaching it back.

These are part of the solutions to getting rid of the heavy light flashing.

4. Inspect and fix the temperature related problems

Another recommended fix is to inspect the heating elements which includes the thermistor and sensor. Check if it isn’t functioning before finding a compatible replacement.

Sensor removed

You might need the help of a professional technician in order to replace the thermistor and sensor.

5. Check for leaks due to presence of moisture 

What you have to do in this kind of situation is to find the source of the leaks. 

However, when you find the source of the leaks, ensure that you clean it in addition to other wet areas around the appliance.

Next, you can reboot your dishwasher and expect the error to be cleared.


We hope that you are able to get a solution to the issue you are facing with your dishwasher. 

Samsung dishwasher blinking heavy is a very common error plaguing lots of dishwasher users and we’ve been able to assist most of them with our extensive guides.

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