How To Fix FA Error In Haier Washing Machine!

Haier washing machine fa error

Using appliances might be an efficient way of performing loads of tasks until it gets faulty and you become pissed off.

One of the most common issues associated with washing machines is the display of error codes.

It’s not necessarily an issue, rather a way of detecting when something is wrong with your washer.

If you have haier washing machine fa error constantly displaying on your control panel, we’ll be highlighting the ways to clear this error.

What does FA mean on a washing machine? Haier washing machine error code fa simply means an error has occurred with the water level sensor circuit of the appliance.

The main reasons for this are a tripped flow meter sensor, faulty drain pump, clogged hoses and many more.

Causes Of Haier Washing Machine Fa Error Code?

A particular issue must have triggered the error code, which means it wouldn’t have appeared on your screen if nothing was wrong.

Here are probable causes of this fa error code in the section below.

  • Clogged water inlet valve.
  • Damaged water level sensor/ flow meter sensor.
  • Faulty control panel/board.
  • Leaking water level sensor hoses.
  • Cracked drain pump

#1. Clogged water inlet valve

The water inlet valve is an important component of your washing machine which usually controls and manages the flow of water to the appliance.

If there are perhaps debris or clogs in the screen or hose connected to the water inlet valve, it normally causes the washing machine to blink FA which means a water level problem has occurred.

In addition to this, you might also not be able to fill your washer if the error persists with the inlet valve.

I’ll be highlighting the ways you can troubleshoot this problem and clear the error as we move through the content.

#2. Damaged water level sensor.

Another vital cause of the issue you are experiencing is a damaged or malfunctioning flow meter sensor.

Most washing machines literally have this particular part on them. 

Water level sensor

Once it is damaged, it won’t be able to measure the amount of water passing through the washer and it might end up sending the wrong signal and information to the control panel.

As a result of this, you get the fa error code showing on your haier washing machine.

You can possibly get a repairman to assist you in detecting whether the flow meter sensor is still working or simply fix all by yourself.

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#3. Leaking water level sensor hoses

Just like I’ve made mention that fa error code is associated with issues with the appliance water level sensor circuit.

If there’s a leak in hoses attached to it, it could possibly be a reason for the failure.

However, it is very likely that the hose is either clogged or blocked by small particles. 

You can simply inspect the hoses and remove any dirt or clogs obstructing the free flow of water.

#4. Cracked drain pump

The drain pump might also be another reason why this particular error code is being displayed on your screen. Although, it’s not very common but among the causes.

Sometimes, the drain pump filter could have been cracked or the inner impeller is  blocked from rotating properly.

#5. Faulty control panel/board

The control panel is basically responsible for carrying out most functions of your washer. If it starts to malfunction it could direct incorrect information to the appliance and mismanagement occurs.

The control panel might just be oversensitive sometimes and always detecting even the slightest errors.

Don’t worry, I’ll be showing the methods you can use to inspect every part of your haier washing machine and be able to clear the fa error code easily.

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How Do I Fix An Fa Error In Haier Washing Machine?

There are some procedures you need to carry out and some components that need to be replaced in order to know how to fix fa error in haier washing machine.

Method 1: Inspect The Water Inlet Valve

  1. Remove the top of the appliance
  2. check the hoses that connect to the water inlet valve
  3. check the back of the water inlet valve screens
  4. Reattach the hose
  5. Reconnect and retry

Remove the top of the appliance

In order to inspect the water inlet valve, you have to firstly unplug the washing machine from the wall outlet and detach the top of the washer.

The appliance rear

You might need a screwdriver for this depending on the model of your haier washer.

Check the water inlet valve hoses

The next procedure is to remove and check the hoses connected to the water inlet valve so that you can properly inspect them both.

While checking the hoses, clean the screen at both ends and ensure no dirt is blocking the hose at all.

Now you also need to clean the inlet valve, checking each solenoid on the valve and the continuity of this component is a very good idea.

All of this is to make sure the hose has free movement and is not faulty. 

Reattach the hose and reconnect

Reattach the hose and plug the washing machine back to test whether or not the fa error code has vanished.

You should not see the error after this but if you do, try the other additional steps below.

Method 2: Inspect The Flow Meter Sensor/Water level sensor and Drain Pump

The next procedure to fix this error is to inspect the water level sensor and the drain pump.

Instantly you can just decide to replace the sensor and the error code disappears but in order to avoid unnecessary work, you should follow this process first.

Removing haier washer sensor switch
  1. Unplug the appliance from the socket outlet and remove the top.
  1. Locate the water flow sensor or flow meter sensor at the right top corner of the top of your washing machine. Depending on the model of your haier washer, the location of your sensor might differ.
  1. You will find a thin hose attached to the sensor, remove this hose and try to clear any blockages in it. You can also blow through it to confirm whether it is clogged or not.
  1. In addition, also inspect the hoses directed into the dispenser and ensure it’s free of blockages.
  1. Remove the attachment and wires to the sensor and use a brush dipped into a lubricant to clear the top part of the sensor where wires are attached.
  1. There might be dirt or debris covering the sensor. That’s why cleaning and brushing it is important before replacing.
  1. After brushing the main connection part and the wire connector, replug the wires back to the water level sensor and reattach.
  1. Inspect the drain pump filter. Remove by rotating it clockwise and clean it properly. Also use your hands to check if the impeller is rotating perfectly.
  1. Reattach and see if the error message has been cleared. If it is still being displayed, then you need to replace the whole water level sensor.

The error code will be cleared after replacing the switch. 

Washing machine sensor

Method 3: Replace The Control Panel If Necessary

The control panel should be the last component you should consider replacing.

Only after you have thoroughly inspected the water inlet valve, hoses, and replaced the water level sensor before moving to the panel.

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Method 4: Contact A Professional

It would be a perfect idea to reach out to a professional if you have tried all other methods to fix but to no avail.

An appliance professional would inform you whether you might need to replace the control board or not. You should get in touch before replacing the board.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is FC2 error in Haier washing machine?

FC2 error code in haier washer simplify means there is a communication issue with the electronic boards of the appliance. (Faulty control board and others)

In order to fix, try unplugging your for 1 to 24 hours which is approximately a day. This will reset the electronic boards system.

If issue persists, then you might need to replace the control boards and need the assistance of an experienced technician.

Conclusion On Haier Fa Error

If you are having issues fixing your haier top load washing machine fa error, you can also try the above fixes.

Check the water inlet valve, inspect the hoses, brush the water level sensor or find a replacement.

Additionally, you can also learn why your washing machine is moving violently along with several other interesting contents.

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