Maytag Washer UL Code (How To Fix!)

Maytag Washer UL Code

You might have probably encountered the UL error code if you own a Maytag washer. At times, this code can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you need to do laundry quickly. 

The UL code indicates that the washer has detected an unbalanced load, which can be caused by several factors. Fortunately, there are several ways to troubleshoot this issue.

One common technique is to redistribute the load of clothes in the washer or make sure the washer is leveled on a stable surface. 

There are a lot more! Keep reading to learn more about how to fix the Maytag washer UL code and resume your laundry as soon as possible.

What Is UL Code On Maytag Washer?

Maytag Ul code (Unbalanced Load) simply means that your washing machine is out of balance. Whenever the washer detects an off-balance load, it attempts to run a load-balance correction routine.

This routine works to help create a sort of balance by redistributing the load. While the washer rebalances the load, the error code remains steady.

It would only be cleared if the washer is balanced successfully after the cycle, but if it fails – it remains persistent and continues to flash.

How To Fix UL Code On Maytag Washer?

If you find yourself in a situation whereby your washing machine constantly triggers the ul code and you don’t know what to do.

In this particular section, we’ll be highlighting the causes of the error code. You know, it’s really ideal if you know what’s exactly causing the code to get displayed.

We’ll also show you the ways to fix it appropriately.

Here’s a tabular illustration that shows the causes of the ul code and some quick fixes.

CausesQuick Fixes
Unevenly distributed loadsRedistribute the load. Add or remove loads where necessary.
Unbalanced washerCheck if the washer is leveled and add more water to the tub.
Using incorrect wash cyclesOnly use appropriate wash cycles for specific types of clothing materials.
Faulty suspension rodsReplace any of the damaged rods.

#1. Unevenly Distributed Loads

This is the #1 reason for the error code display. The load in the drum needs to be balanced in order for the washer to work effectively.

Maytag bravos xl washer ul code

Most of the time, it could be as a result of excess load in the wash, too minute or unevenly distributed.

How To Fix?

In order to troubleshoot the UL error code, the first thing you need to do is inspect the amount of loads in the drum.

  • Redistribute the load – Doing this can help you balance the loads in the tub. Open the lid and rearrange your laundry while distributing them evenly. Ensure that some clothes are not significantly placed at a certain area than the others.
  • Add more loads – Sometimes, you need to avoid washing single items as the washer might likely not be able to detect the weight. If you are washing just a pair of jeans, you should try balancing it with a few towels, rugs or other clothing materials.
  • Reduce the loads – Overloading the washer can surely lead to imbalances and triggers the ul code. Fully loading the tub to the brim isn’t recommended as it would affect the proper functioning of the appliance. Start by removing some heavy clothings and redistributing the rest.

After doing this, you can then start a wash cycle to confirm whether the error code has been cleared or not.

#2. Unbalanced Washer

Maytag Ul code can also be triggered when your itself isn’t balanced or sitting on a level floor.

Maytag ul code

It could probably be due to a rough surface and all you need to do is carry out some adjustments depending on your washing machine model.

How to fix?

  • Check if the washer is leveled – Your washer comes with 4 legs which you can adjust until the appliance is on a leveled surface. You can place a bubble level on the top of your washer, then start to adjust until the bubble level indicates that your washing machine is sitting level.
  • Add more water to the basket – Doing this can help balance the loads in the washing machine. Especially if you have an old Maytag Washer.
  • Check for stuck clothing – While your washer is spinning, it’s possible that a few clothings have been stuck inside the outer drum. This is usually common to top load washers. You might need to dismantle the top cover of the washer, in order to check for stuck materials like socks, panties and so on.

#3. Incorrect Wash Cycle 

Using an incorrect wash cycle for clothings can result in maytag bravos xl washer ul code.

According to the manufacturer, you should only use the appropriate wash cycles for your specific types of clothing materials.

How to fix it? 

You should only use the bulky/sheets deep water wash cycle for nonabsorbent items that are large and oversized.  

These items include comforters or poly-filled jackets. Items aside these are not appropriate for the Bulky/Sheets wash cycle.

#4. Faulty Suspension Spring Rod

Ul error code maytag washer

Load imbalances would likely occur if the suspension rods are faulty. These rods help to dampen the movement of the washer tub. 

Once it gets broken, the washer will vibrate and this results in imbalances.

For faulty suspension rods, you need to find a replacement in order for it to continue working perfectly. But it will most likely cost you a few bucks to order new ones.

This is why you should only use this as a last resort if the aforementioned fixes don’t work.

How do I reset the uL on my Maytag washer?

A simple reset could actually work. Simply unplug the washing machine from the socket outlet or turn it off at the circuit breaker.

Waiting for a few minutes before connecting it back will ensure that the memory gets reset.


I hope you are able to fix the error code on your washer. If the code still refuses to disappear, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for further assistance.

While you’re here, it’d be helpful if you go through some other articles and troubleshooting guides. Thank you!

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