E01 F03 Whirlpool Washer Error Code (Easy Fixes!)

E01 F03 Whirlpool Washer

Are you frustrated with your whirlpool washer displaying the dreaded E01 F03 error code? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Dealing with appliance malfunctions can be a hassle, but understanding the error code & knowing how to troubleshoot it would save you time and money.

We’ve got you covered in this guide as we’ll explore the ways to fix the E01 F03 error code in detail. Let’s get started!

Meaning Of Whirlpool Washer E01 F03 Error Code?

E01 F03 error code simply means that there’s an issue with the water level in your washing machine. 

It indicates that there is either too much or insufficient supply of water in the tub. Most of the time, the error code is usually associated with a damaged hose or a defective sensor.

This means that the control sensor is probably malfunctioning or the hose isn’t allowing the correct amount of water into the appliance.

Now that you know what this error implies, let’s dive into the potential causes and step-by-step guidelines on how you can fix it by yourself.

Causes Of Whirlpool Washer F03 E01 Code?

It’s important that you know the few causes of this problem in order to be able to detect the exact origin.

Whirlpool washer E01 F03

Now, take your time to go through the table below – it contains the main causes and the quickest ways to fix.

CausesQuick Fixes
Blocked air trap pipeCheck the air trap pipe for blockages and remove.
Damaged pressure control switchTest for continuity and replace if damaged.
Clogged pressure switch hoseBlow through to get rid of clogs.
Blocked lint or trap filterCleaning the filter would help in this case.
Faulty control boardReplace the damaged control board.

1. Water supply issues

This is the main cause of the error code. It would only appear on the display screen of your whirlpool washer; perhaps there’s an insufficient supply of water or it’s in excess.

  • Too much water – Sometimes, the machine might fail to measure the weight of the load which causes it to allow excess inflow of water. 
  • Very little water – This occurs most of the time if the water inlet valve or hose is blocked and kinked.
  • Stagnant water – If lints are blocking in somewhere like the rubber front door seal, this can trigger this error code also.

Generally, F03 E01 whirlpool washer error code could likely be as a result of a water supply problem.

2. Clogged hose and pipes

A blockage in some specific hose and pipes is another reason why the error code might have been displayed.

Usually, the two main components associated with this particular one are the water level pressure hose and the air trap pipe.

  • Clogged pressure switch hose – The pressure switch hose is a black thick hose that is located between the pressure switch and the air trap. If this hose is twisted or clogged, it’s a potential cause of the error code display.
  • Blocked air trap pipe – This can also get clogged with moisture and soapy foam, which as a result triggers the F03 E01 error code. 

In the case of a clogged air trap pipe, it prevents the pipe from being able to catch air properly. 

3. Damaged pressure control switch

The pressure control switch is a vital component which ensures optimal performance of your washer.

With time, this switch can get damaged and it could be another reason for the error code.

F03 E01 whirlpool washer

Additionally, in the section between the pressure switch and the control module, there’s a high chance that the wirings might have been damaged.

A damaged wiring is usually due to the washer’s vibrations while operating and frequent chafing.

4. Blockage in the trap filter

The trap filter works to siphon out things like dirt and lints which you don’t really want in your washer. 

This can result in slow drainage which also is another potential cause of whirlpool e01 f03 error code.

5. Malfunctioning control board

A component that facilitates a washer’s optimal functioning and manages the entire washing process is the Control Board.

Now imagine what could happen if the control board is damaged or defective – a lot of operations can get affected and incorrect display of error codes is one of them.

Although issues with the control board hardly happen in most cases but regardless of that, it’s also a vital cause.

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How To Fix Whirlpool E01 F03 Error Code?

You really do not need the help of a technician to fix this problem.

We’ll be showing the easy steps to take in order to clear the error code as soon as possible.

Below is the list of troubleshooting steps to carry out subsequently.

Fix 1: Reset the washing machine

This is obviously the first thing you need to do before carrying out any other fixes. You know why? 

It could be all you need to fix the problem instantly! Sometimes, a slight glitch could be the cause of the error code and only resetting the machine would make it disappear.

To reset the washer, unplug it from the outlet or flip the circuit breaker. Then wait for a minimum of 15 minutes before switching everything back on.

Fix 2: Check The Rubber Front Door Seal

The bottom holes in this rubber could have been blocked with lint. You will notice water pooling up in that little reservoir.

Remove the lints and this should clear the code. You might need to remove the top panel in order to manually open the door. 

Fix 3: Inspect the water level pressure hose

Locate the hose by removing some parts of the appliance and this includes the top cover. 

Depending on the model of your washer, you will find the pressure hose at the top right or left back corner. (It’s attached between the switch and air gap)

F03 E01 whirlpool washer error code

Take the hose off the pressure control switch and blow through it. You want to make sure nothing is blocking it inside.

  • Check for punctures – Ensure that that hose is correctly fixed and inserted into the machine body. Also ensure that there are no signs of pinches and punctures.
  • Check for blockages – After disconnecting the hose from the pressure switch. Remove any visible clogs and try to blow through it.

Following this step, you should reconnect the pressure hose and check if the error code has been cleared. 

If the error code still appears, try the other fixes below.

Fix 4: Inspect the Air Trap Pipe

The next fix is to check the air trap pipe for any blockages. The air trap pipe usually gets clogged with soap suds, lint and grease.

You can get rid of these blockages by manually cleaning the pipe. That’s all you need to do regarding the Air trap pipe.

Fix 5: Remove Blockage In The Trap Filter

The e01 f03 whirlpool washer error code can also be triggered by a blocked lint filter. 

Clean the washer lint filter regularly in order to avoid the development of mold and mildew.

The filter is most often located in the bottom right corner on the outside of the unit. 

Whirlpool washer F03 E01

Before removing the cap or trap, place a small container underneath the filter to collect the water remnant. Then check and remove any blockages or lints.

Fix 6: Check The Pressure Control Switch

The pressure control switch itself could be faulty and it should be replaced once it’s defective.

To get access to the pressure control switch, you need to detach the top of the washer and remove the basic screws.

You’ll find the switch attached to a black hose which is simply that water level pressure hose. 

  • Continuity – Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the switch. If it has no continuity, then that’s a sign that it needs a replacement.
  • Replacement – Order a new part and have the old faulty one replaced.

After getting a new switch, reattach it and connect all the wirings as it was connected to the previous one.

Final Thoughts

All aforementioned fixes are enough to assist you in solving this problem. If the error code still keeps appearing, then the issue is probably with the control board.

At this point – the control board might need to be replaced. Thanks for reading!

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