Whirlpool Loc Error Washer? – Simple Fixes In 2023!

Whirlpool washer loc code

In the modern world, error codes are used to indicate whenever there’s an issue with your washing machine.

Thanks to these codes, we can easily detect the root of specific problems and probable ways to fix them accordingly.

Do you have a Whirlpool Washer loc code displayed on your washing machine and it seems you can’t fix it? No worries! 

This article will contain a detailed explanation on what it means for a washing machine to say loc code, the possible causes, how to clear the error code and some other related information.

Let’s dive into it.

What Does Loc Mean On Whirlpool Washer?

The Loc code can also be regarded as “LC” error code. It simply means that the control lock or child lock feature has been activated on your washing machine. 

However, the Control or Child Lock feature is a term given to a particular feature that helps prevent you from changing any wash operations while the appliance is working.

While this Control Lock feature is activated, you would not be able to access any buttons as your control panel would be frozen.

The main purpose of the Control Lock is to prevent minors from accidentally tampering with your washing machine. 

This feature is very important for avoiding dangers and injuries that might occur due to these circumstances.

Washing machine lc code

Possible Causes Of Whirlpool Washing Machine Loc Error

Loc message on Whirlpool Washer is caused when child lock gets activated on the appliance.

It’s not actually triggered by any errors, malfunctions or faults in the washing unless it’s enabled intentionally or accidentally.

If you see an lC or Loc Code, it does not imply an error. Sometimes you might not even be aware that you’ve enabled the control lock feature. 

Therefore if you have been wondering why you have seen loc code on your washer display – it didn’t probably appear due to an internal fault indication, it was physically activated.

Steps For Fixing The Whirlpool Washer Loc Error Code

To fix this error code, you need to deactivate it by following a few steps.

Although we don’t recommend deactivating this feature while your washing machine is in a wash cycle. 

Below are the steps to take in order to deactivate the loc code.

1. Locate the “Control Lock/Unlock” button on your whirlpool washing machine.

2. Press and hold for about 3 seconds

3. The feature will then be deactivated. You can restart the appliance again and you won’t see any display of the error code.

For some whirlpool washer models, you might need a different button to deactivate the control lock such as “End of Cycle Signal” button, “Cancel/End” button, “Extra Rinse” button amongst others.

To determine which button activates the control lock for your washing machine, you need to check your Owner’s Manual for more information. 

My washing machine says loc error code

When To Call A Professional For Loc Error Code Repair

With the step-by-step procedures we’ve highlighted above, you should be able to easily clear the error.

If you are experiencing difficulties while doing this, either you’re not doing it correctly or your washing machine has sustained further problems.

Meanwhile, you should definitely know the right time to call a professional to assist you with some repairs.

#1. When The Error Code Refuses To Go Away

If you are certain you’ve correctly followed the aforementioned procedures but loc message on Whirlpool Washer still persists.

Then you need to call a professional or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Perhaps you haven’t voided the warranty of the appliance due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance, you will be able to file a complaint for repair.

#2. When The Code Keeps Reappearing On Its Own.

On a normal basis, you shouldn’t expect the child lock feature to get enabled automatically without wanting it to.

Although issues like this one don’t normally occur for a washer like Whirlpool, they’re very effective and always satisfy customers’ interest.

Unfortunately if it does happen, it’s probably due to a complicated fault or the control panel is becoming oversensitive.

This is why we recommend calling the attention of a professional.

#3. When Your Wash Cycles Is Restricted Because Of The Error Code

Like we’ve always said above in the content! It’s completely normal for Whirlpool Washer code loc to appear on your washing. It does not mean your washer is faulty or malfunctioning.

It however simply means the appliance is currently in Child Lock or Control Lock mode.

Remember that we’ve also highlighted the importance of this feature. 

The error code only becomes a problem when it’s preventing your washing machine from carrying out wash cycles.

How do you know this? Because your washer only stops spinning when the loc error code is displayed.

This is a sign of an issue that definitely needs the attention of a repair technician or the manufacturer.

Inside of a whirlpool washer

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do I clear my whirlpool front load washer loc error?

It’s all still the same procedure for deactivating the error code unless your Top Load Washer model has a different deactivation button.

  • Locate the “Control Lock/Unlock” button on your whirlpool washing machine.
  • Proceed to press and hold for about 3 seconds
  • The feature will then be deactivated. You can restart the appliance again and you won’t see any display of the error code.

Whirlpool washing machine control lock won’t turn off?

Sometimes you might find it difficult to cancel or disengage the Control Lock, if this is happening try the procedures below to clear.

First and foremost, you need to press the power button or proceed to unplug the washing machine for a few minutes in order to help it reset.

Then hold the “Control Lock” button for approximately 3 seconds, you should see 3-2-1 countdown which indicates you have successfully deactivated Control Lock on your whirlpool washing machine.

If you do not see the and are unable to deactivate Control Lock, 

Final Thoughts On Loc Code Whirlpool Washer

Washing machine Child Lock feature is literally common to most whirlpool models. It has its basic functions and uses.

If this article was helpful, you can drop a comment below and go through some more of our troubles guides.

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