Dishwasher Heating Element Won’t Turn Off (Fixed!)

Dishwasher Heating Element Won't Turn Off

Basically, your dishwasher heating element won’t turn off due to a vast number of reasons.

…On a normal basis, it is expected that the heating element of your dishwasher gets turned off immediately after a cycle is completed.

There was a time when I finished running a cycle on my dishwasher and suddenly the heating element failed to shut off at the right time when it’s supposed to.

Sometimes, the dishwasher might have completed a wash cycle, but in return the heating element stays on whenever the door is closed. 

Prior to this experience, I would be highlighting a step-by-step guide focused on the reasons why this might be happening and the ways to fix this issue.

Why Your Dishwasher Heating Element Won’t Turn Off?

Realistically, there are a few causes or reasons why your heating element always turns on or fails to shut off after a cycle.

This exact problem is typically a general phenomenon which usually occurs to most dishwasher users. 

This happens when the heating element is completely damaged, if the timer is blocked or a faulty control board.

Below are the reasons why the heating element of the dishwasher isn’t working as expected.

  1. The control panel is faulty.
  2. The heating element is damaged.
  3. The thermostat isn’t working perfectly.
  4. The dishwasher spray arm is obstructed or blocked.
  5. The dishwasher timer is faulty.

The Control Panel Is Faulty Or Damaged

You need to realize that the control board or panel is practically responsible for shutting the heating element on or off amidst other actions.

If a slight error or damage occurs to this component, it might be unable to pass instructions to the heating element. 

Therefore, leading to the inability of the dishwasher heating element to shut off after work.

You need to pay more attention to the control panel, it just might be a possible cause of the issue with your appliance.

The Heating Element Is Damaged

It is safe to deduce that problems with the heating element are directly related to not being able to shut off at a particular point.

When the heating element is damaged, the temperature required to warm water up to a particular degree won’t increase or get dishes sanitized.

A faulty heating element is also another reason why the heating element is not heating sufficiently or failing to turn off.

Dishwasher won't get hot

Be rest assured that I would be highlighting the ways to tackle these particular problems in other sections of the content below.

The Thermostat Is Faculty Or Not Working Perfectly 

A thermostat is another vital component of a dishwasher which is also involved in the adequate functioning of the heating element.

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the water temperature and enables the dishwasher to heat up to a certain temperature level.

However, a defective thermostat won’t be able to reach this specific temperature as it also won’t have access to turn the heating element on and off.

The Dishwasher Spray Arm Is Obstructed Or Blocked

If there is an object obstructing the rotation of the spray arm, it might indirectly be keeping the heating element switched on. 

This is another reasonable cause of the problem which most dishwasher users don’t pay much attention to.

Appliances are made to be smart and be able to detect unusual situations in its surroundings.

Therefore, the dishwasher might assume that a wash cycle is currently ongoing if the spray arm is blocked or not able to spin properly.

Definitely another reason why the heating element might be triggered by the dishwasher to stay on…

The Dishwasher Timer Is Faulty

When you are not told to do something, you definitely won’t follow any instructions whatsoever.

Situations like this are similar to how a dishwasher timer works. If the timer is damaged or probably worn out, it won’t be able to control the timing of the heating element.

This could result in continuous or indefinite indication of the heating element as it fails to shut off after a wash cycle.

Heating element dishwasher not working

However, you might need to inspect the dishwasher timer in order to detect if it’s damaged or not.

Dishwasher Heating Element Won’t Turn Off – How To Fix

Now that you are fully aware of the reasons why the heating element of your dishwasher won’t turn off. The next step are the effective ways to fix the issue which will be highlighted below.

  • Reboot the dishwasher.
  • Remove any object blocking the spray arm.
  • Check if the heating element is damaged.
  • Inspect or replace the control board.
  • Activate the dishwasher diagnostic mode.

The Dishwasher Memory Needs To Be Cleared – Rebooting

One of the first procedures you need to take in order to fix this problem is to reboot the appliance. 

It’s a very easy procedure that doesn’t require tampering with the dishwasher connections. All that is required of you is to unplug the appliance from the wall outlet or simply flipp the household circuit breaker off. 

After doing so, you need to wait for a few minutes. A minimum of 10 minutes should do the trick.

Then plug the appliance back in and turn it back on. This should do the trick, if it doesn’t you can go through other solutions below.

Remove Any Object Blocking The Spray Arm

Like I said earlier, obstructions around the spray arm might cause the heating element to stay on for a long time. 

In order to fix this problem, you need to ensure that nothing is blocking the spray arm from spinning properly.

To check for any blockages, start by detaching the bottom of the rack for inspection. 

If you find any blockages, ensure that you get it removed in no time. These are some of the easiest fixes you can try.

Check If The Heating Element Is Damaged

The heating element on its own could be damaged or faulty and the moment this happens, it would fail to shut off at the right time.

All you have to do is inspect the element for any signs of blistering, corrosion, cracks or worn outs. 

Check if the heating element is damaged by firstly removing the back panel. Then all you have to do is locate the heating element.

Dishwasher won't heat up

You should use a multimeter to test for its continuity. It might need to be replaced at a point if it seems burnt.

Activate The Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode

The dishwasher diagnostic or service mode will run all sorts of tests on your dishwasher, pointing out the exact problem probability via error codes and resetting the appliance to default settings.

In case you don’t know how to put your dishwasher in service mode, we have a detailed guide that will certainly put you through.

Here is the guideline on how to activate the dishwasher service mode.

Inspect Or Replace The Control Board

At a particular point you might need to find a control board replacement if the problem persists.

The control panel is perhaps one of the main reasons why the dishwasher heating element won’t turn off. 

Replacing the board should not necessarily be a tough task to handle, you can actually do this yourself.

But, you definitely need to find a perfect match replacement at any nearby store for your exact model.

What To Do If The Dishwasher Heating Element Still Won’t Turn Off?

Perhaps the heating element still stays on following a particular cycle. Then you are sure there’s something wrong with it which is beyond a normal repair.

All you have to do is get in touch with a professional or repairman to assist you with the problem.

Wrapping Up…

Following the aforementioned procedures, I think you should be able to fix your dishwasher if the heating element fails to turn off after carrying out a wash cycle.

Proceed to read other related fixes which would definitely be of help to you below.

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