How To Hide Dryer Vent Hose – 6 Creative Techniques

dryer venting close to wall

Making your laundry room look better is one of the creative things you should be looking forward to doing right now.

Hiding your dryer vent hose is actually a way to make room for space and offer lighter work.

To do this, you don’t really need to put in a lot of strenuous work as I’ll be showing you some of the ways to easily hide a dryer vent hose.

Some of the easy and effective ways to do this includes making use of a curtain, hiding the hose in a cabinet, using a strong pvc pipe and many more.

In addition to this, there are actually some risks and precautions attached to hiding the hose which you need to be aware of.

Knowing this will prevent any future dangers that could occur. Don’t worry, I’ll be highlighting the safety precautions below.

How To Hide A Dryer Vent Hose?

There are some 6 methods you can possibly apply while trying to do this. Some of these techniques might obviously cost you a little amount of money, but it’s worth it if you really desire a perfect style.

I will be mentioning the cost-free and easiest ones first before moving to the ones that might be a few bucks.

Ways To Hide The HoseShort Description.
Hide it behind a curtain.Simple and cost-free.
Hide the hose in a cabinet.Easy and really creative.
Using a strong PVC pipe.Requires less effort and it’s really effective.
Installing a dryer vent box.Requires installments and it’s cheap.
Hide it in a faux wood beam.Easy but requires a few bucks.
Using a slatted wood panel.Construct one or purchase online.

#1. Hide It Behind A Curtain

Without a doubt, this is one of the easiest techniques you can apply even if you are not experienced at all.

All you have to do is get some pair of curtains or you can literally use anyone you have at home.

how to hide dryer vent hose

Better still, just attach curtains behind the dryer and ensure that it covers the dryer vent hose properly.

Perhaps you have your own dryer installed in the laundry room, you might want to move it somewhere with curtains or simply install a curtain rod.

You want to make sure that there is space between the curtain and the vent hose. 

You shouldn’t allow the curtain to come in contact with the vent hose in a tight space.

This is the reason why it’s recommended that you attach the curtain to the ceiling or any upper interior surface of the laundry room. As long as it isn’t touching the vent hose.

Another benefit of using a curtain is you can easily detach it whenever you want to clean the dryer vent hose or any other part of the appliance.

#2. Hide the Hose in Cabinets

Using a cabinet or a cupboard with shelves is another creative way of keeping your vent hose out of sight.

If you have an already constructed cabinet in your laundry room, you can easily drill a perfectly sized hole to fit in the vent hose without getting it exposed.

You can easily cut through the cabinet with a few working tools at home. Just ensure that there isn’t excess space in-between.

However, if you don’t already have a cabinet in the laundry room you can decide to build one yourself.

creative ways to hide dryer vent

Measure the size of the plywood you want to use and take note of the space where the cabinet would be installed.

Using a cabinet serves as additional storage space for your other laundry material. 

#3. Using a Dryer Vent Hose Box

Instead of building a cabinet or hiding the dryer vent hose behind a cabinet, you can simply purchase a dryer vent hose box to put it out of sight.

It is not a difficult method to pull off as it only requires paying a few bucks for the dryer vent box and you can install it yourself. 

This method has a lot of benefits and advantages which includes creating space in your laundry room, hiding the vent hose and protecting the hose itself.

There are also different available types which include a plastic vent box or a metal in-wall dryer vent box. You can even decide to paint it in order to suit your taste. 

You can also easily afford to push the appliance closer to the wall with this technique. 

#4. Use A Strong Pvc Pipe

It’s a little bit challenging to hide a dryer vent hose due to their large sizes. 

Using a perfectly fitted pvc pipe is quite easier than some of the aforementioned methods above.

how to hide dryer vent hose in laundry room

Find a very compatible pvc pipe and get it attached to the vent, it literally keeps the hose a little further away from sight.

If you don’t wanna try this, there are a few more techniques you can attempt below.

#5. Hide the Hose with A Slatted Wood Panels

This technique is similar to building a false wall to cover the dryer vent hose. 

Slatted wood panels literally have some kind of insulating capacity which will help your home stay cool and cozy. 

So it’s another very wonderful method to utilize. All you have to do is purchase slat wood panels and the size and quantity should depend on where you’re going to install it.

Just like the curtain method, you need to make sure that there’s a little bit of space between the vent hose and the wood slat panel.

All you have to do next is to install the slatted wood panels appropriately. Note that these wood panels are very beneficial for hanging items of your choice.

#6. Hide Your Dryer Vent Hose In A Faux Wood Beam. 

Aside from the fact that faux wood beams are normally used for creating unique geometric patterns and others, you can also use it to your advantage by installing it to keep your vent hose hidden.

It is literally made available in different kinds of sizes and textures to suit your taste. You might need to purchase it with a few bucks but it’s quite easy to install.

Hiding your dryer in a room space

Safety Precautions To Take While Hiding Your Dryer Vent Hose

I’ve made mention of this several times in this article. You need to be aware that your dryer gets hot quite a lot of time although it might depend on the brand.

While hiding the appliance and making your home comfortable, you need to avoid making it difficult for the dryer to properly vent out dirts.

So you need to avoid too tight spaces and over twisted vent hose in order not to obstruct the flow of air.

Wrapping Up…

We’ve highlighted the list of ways which you can easily hide dryer vent hose in the article above. You can easily do some of these without having to buy or construct any stuff. 

Here are the main points you should remember if you’re going to get your appliance vent hose hidden as soon as possible. 

  • Use a cabinet or furniture with shelves.
  • A dryer vent hose box will be really helpful.
  • Install a strong pvc pipe.
  • Hang a slatted wood panel.
  • Use a faux wood beam.
  • Get a curtain to cover the hose.
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