Can I Use Washing Machine Cleaner In My Dishwasher (Answered)

Can You Use Washing Machine Cleaner In A Dishwasher

Using an appliance comes with being able to maintain and avoid using substances that might alter the normal functioning of the appliance.

If you have a Dishwasher at home and you are willing to know whether or not you can use a washing machine cleaner in it, this article will provide you with all the Information you need to know.

In a quick overview – The answer to this question is No! It is not recommended that you use a washing machine cleaner in a dishwasher because it might render the appliance ineffective and potentially damage the appliance.  

You should only use the correct and recommended cleaners that’s manufactured specifically for each appliance if you don’t want to damage your dishwasher and washing machine.

In case you don’t know the cleaners and detergents to use or you want to know the probable consequences of using a washing machine cleaner in a dishwasher, we’ll be highlighting the information below in the article.

Can I Use Washing Machine Cleaner In My Dishwasher?

Just like I’ve summarized above, it’s not advised to use a washer cleaning product in a dishwasher. This could possibly damage the appliance and most especially lead to chemicals coming in contact with the inner part of your dishwasher.

You should only use recommended cleaning products, either those from the manufacturer or the ones we will be suggesting below.

Affresh cleaner in dishwasher

A Dishwasher isn’t any kind of home appliance you can just use any products with – aside avoiding a washing machine cleaner, you also need to stay far away from toxic dish pods and packs that aren’t eco-friendly.

Can You Use A Dishwasher Cleaner In A Washing Machine?

No! It’s not recommended that you use a dishwasher cleaner in your washer. This also goes the same way for washing machines and vice versa, you simply can’t enjoy using a dishwasher cleaner in your washing. 

Apart from the fact that it can cause damages to the appliance, it can also lead to soap residues in the drum and several other related issues.

Realistically, all appliances have specific cleaning products recommend by the manufacturers. It’s very important to use the appropriate cleaning product either for a Dishwasher or Washing Machine.

This will ensure that you are safe and the appliance is free from potential damages subsequently.

What Happens If I Use a Washing Machine Cleaner In A Dishwasher?

There are some possible dangers that is associated with using a washing machine cleaner in a dishwasher and vice versa. First and foremost, here is a quick overview of the dangers before going into extensive details.

  • It can lead to soap residues remaining in your dishwasher
  • It could potentially damage the appliance
  • Washing machines cleaner chemicals might harmful if ingested.
  • It can lead to inefficiency of the dishwasher.
  • Washing machine clothings could get contaminated with dishwashers soaps.

Now, let’s go into full details regarding the listed dangers.

Tide washer in dishwasher

1. It Can Lead To Soap Residues Which Is Harmful When Ingested

Using a washing machine cleaner in a dishwasher or to wash dishes can literally contaminate the inside of the washer and the dishes. It could be harmful to humans if residues gets ingested and can potentially result in numerous health risks.

2. Not Cleaning Dishwasher and Dishes Properly

Washers cleaning products is literally wrong for a dishwasher and this can lead to inefficient of the appliance. These cleaning products obviously won’t clean your dishwasher as a normal and recommended cleaner would.

3. It Could Damage The Appliance

The chemicals in foreign cleaning products might be too harsh for use in a dishwasher – this is why you should stop using them in order to maintain your dishwasher and avoid any damages.

Note that this is also applicable to Washing Machines also. You shouldn’t use a dishwasher cleaner in a washing machine as it is not totally suitable for use.

It can result in chemical exposure, damage to the washing machine drum, and contamination with your clothes.

What Are The Cleaners To Use For Washing Machines And Dishwashers?

It’s important that you know the specific cleaning products you should use in each appliance so that you don’t go about using unrecommended cleaners. 

You should only use cleaners that are suitable for use in a Washing Machine and those that are specially made for Dishwashers only.

However, here are a few cleaners that’s only suitable for each of these appliances in order to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.

Suitable Dishwasher CleanersCorrect Washing Machine Cleaners
Dishwasher cleaner podsAffresh washing machine cleaner
Liquid dishwasher detergentsFinish washing machine cleaner
Glisten dishwasher cleanerBleach, Vinegar and baking soda
Affresh dishwasher cleaner tabletsLysol washing machine cleaner
Powder dishwasher detergentClorox washing machine cleaner
Finish dishwasher tabletsTide washing machine cleaner

It’s still recommended that you go through the instructions of the manufacturer before using any cleaner for your Washing machine or Dishwasher.

Use a dishwasher cleaner in wachine machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner In A Washing Machine?

No! You shouldn’t. It’s required that you only use suitable cleaning products for your washing machine.

The temperature of your dishwasher is much higher than that of a washing machine, so it’d be quite easy for dishwasher detergent pods to break down in a dishwasher compared to a washing machine.

This is an important reason why you should not use dishwasher detergent pod in a washing machine.

Can You Use An Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner In A Dishwasher?

You shouId only use suitable cleaning products for your dishwasher just like the ones we highlighted for you above. Using the cleaners and detergents for other appliances in your dishwasher might damage and expose it to some certain chemicals.

Closing Remarks

Washing machines and Dishwashers are one of the most commonly utilized appliances at home. It’s your due responsibility to ensure the appliance is properly maintained so as to avoid damages and decline.

One of the ways you can effectively maintain the appliance is to avoid using unsuitable cleaning products.

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