Lg Washing Machine Knob Won’t Engage (2023 Fixes!)

Lg washing machine knob won't engage

LG washing machines are one of the most responsive and highly recommended appliances that is used by most homeowners. 

Despite how high I rate LG washing machines, they could begin to wear out and become unresponsive over time.

If your lg washing machine knob won’t engage, here are a few reasons why this might have occurred.

The reason is because the washing machine timer knob is faulty, malfunctioning, a damaged control panel, there’s moisture around the panel or you have activated the child lock.

In this content, we will be highlighting extensive information for you regarding the ways to fix a washer knob that isn’t engaging or responding.

Issues which you might probably be experiencing with the washing machine mode selector knob includes the pointer turning in an opposite direction, knob not rotating easily to select a cycle or spinning without engaging and many more.

Why is My LG Washer Knob Not Working?

If the cycle selector knob of your washing machine isn’t working, you might get an error code displayed on the screen

Error codes are simply effective in indicating the exact root of your problem as it highlights a solution.

Perhaps you don’t get any codes at all, we have compiled the most common reasons for lg washer dial not working below.

  • The appliance is not turned on.
  • You probably have the child lock feature turned on.
  • There’s moisture around the location of the knob.
  • The control board is faulty.
  • The washing machine knob is loose.

1. The Appliance Is Not Turned On

Without a doubt, you might be trying to engage a washing machine that has no power source directed to it.

If your appliance is not turned on or you are trying to operate a dead machine, there is no way the control knob would work perfectly.

Ensure that your washing machine is connected to a power source or wall outlet before attempting to operate it.

2. You Probably Have Child Lock Turned On

You simply won’t be able to engage the control knob or change any settings if the child lock feature is enabled.

This feature is mainly activated to prevent kids from tampering with the settings on your appliance.

Washing machine child lock on

However, you shouldn’t expect the washing machine knob to engage if this feature is still turned on. All that is required of you is to deactivate it.

3. There’s Moisture Around The Control Knob

If your appliance is in a humid location, you might sometimes decide not to get engaged due to the moisture and condition of its location.

What you have to do is dry the panel or wait for it to get dry, then try operating with the knob again.

4. The Lg Washing Machine Knob Is Loose

Here is another very common reason why your washing machine knob might not be engaging. 

If you find out that the knob is loose or turning in the opposite direction contradicting the proper functions, there’s a way you can fix this which will be shared below.

How To Fix A Washer Knob That Won’t Engage?

Here are some of the few methods you can apply while fixing a washing machine knob that fails to engage. 

#1. Reset The Washing Machine

This is one of the quickest ways to troubleshoot a control knob that is unresponsive.

What you need to do is unplug the appliance from the wall outlet and wait for a few minutes before inserting the plug back.

Carrying out this procedure will ensure that your washing machine gets a reset and clears the previous memory use.

With this action, the knob should become engaged and you should be able to choose cycles, change washing settings and other related activities.

If the control knob still won’t work, it’s probably a more complicated issue. Try out other fixes below.

#2. Deactivate The Child Lock Feature

Another method which you should try out while troubleshooting your washing machine knob is to deactivate the child lock feature. 

Just like I’ve stated above, this particular feature makes most of the appliance functions frozen. 

To deactivate this, you need to press and hold the “child lock” button for 3 seconds. You should have all functions reactivated after doing this, try changing a cycle  setting afterwards.

#3. Check For Moisture In The Panel

As we’ve stated above, if your washing machine is in a humid location, occasionally the control knob might have difficulties engaging.

What you need to do is check for moisture in the panel and have a little bit of patience for it to dry. If this doesn’t solve the issue, try the following methods below.

#4. Remove The Knob And Apply WD-40 Lubricant

First and foremost, you must unplug the machine from the power source or wall outlet.

Then pull out the knob with your hands, you need to use some force because it won’t remove easily.

After doing this, you should get WD-40 lubricant and spray it in the gap around the stem. Apply this as much as you want it to be effective, just don’t apply too much of it.

Knob removed off panel

Finally, attach the knob back to the washing machine and ensure that it gets fitted correctly. The knob will fit in only one position and engage after doing this.

This method definitely works like a charm, you can try it out.

However, if you don’t have a WD-40, you can also make use of blaster silicone lubricant at home.

#5.  Replace The Control Knob

Unplug or disconnect your washer from the wall outlet.

You need to already have replacement knobs and you can get one at amazon or any store. 

Replacing the control knob

Remove the control knob with force and line the new knob up with the shaft on the control panel and press it on.

This is to ensure that the knob is firmly attached as it is expected to get engaged after replacement.

#6. Contact The Manufacturer or Call A Professional.

Perhaps the issue persists, you can possibly get in touch with the manufacturer, lg washing machine. 

Describe the symptoms you are currently experiencing with the washing and they would provide detailed information regarding the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: ge washing machine knob won’t engage, how to fix?

The timer knob might have worn out and definitely needs to be replaced. In order to replace, use a needle nose pliers or tweezers to remove the knob from behind.

Push in the new replacement knob and add some oil to the timer. Turn the knob several times to make sure the shaft moves effectively.

Q: Whirlpool washing machine knob won’t engage?

If the timer knob of a whirlpool washing machine won’t engage or it spins freely. You need to know that the timer knob was definitely loose.

It’s also expected to be turned counter-clockwise with the selector pushed in.

You need to install a new dial and control knob, ensure that you only buy the correct replacement for your model.

Final Thoughts…

Do you have an LG Washer whose selector knob doesn’t work or an LG washer dial that is not working? try out the fixes above.

In summary, if you’re experiencing lg washing machine selector knob problem, here are the ways to fix the problem below.

  1. Reset the washing machine
  2. Deactivate the child lock feature
  3. Check for moisture in the panel
  4. Remove the knob and apply WD-40 lubricant
  5. Replace the control knob
  6. Get in touch with LG or call a repairman.

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