10 Reasons Your LG Washer Sounds Like A Jet Engine!

Lg washer sounds like a jet

It is normal for all washers to make some noise while spinning or at work, but when your lg washer sounds like a jet engine then you need to realize that something is wrong.

This sound can be really annoying at times especially if you have your lg washer close to the main living room. Whether or not the laundry room is closer to the living room, it is ideal that you find a long lasting solution to this problem.

However, we can definitely help you with that. This post contain all the necessary hacks and troubleshooting guides you need to stop your lg washer from producing a very loud noise. 

Here is are some potential causes of this issue alongside a short tip on how to fix the problem. 

Possible CausesQuick Fixes
Clogged vent pipeClear the vent pipe and make sure that it is free from clogs and waste.
Damaged motor couplingRepair and fix the faculty motor coupling.
Faulty ClutchYou need to remove and replace the damaged clutch.
Worn out tub bearingLubricate the tube bearing or replace the component.

Why Does My Lg Washer Sounds Like A Jet Engine?

Basically, the main reasons why your lg washer is sounding like a jet engine is because the drive belt is faulty, a worn out tube bearing, clogged vent or excessive detergent in the washer. 

Those are the most common reasons which are kinda general. Now I will highlight and go deeper into some additional causes you also need to be aware of. 

  1. Damaged or blocked drain pump
  2. Worn out tub bearing
  3. Excessive use of detergent
  4. Overloading the washer with work
  5. Lg washer spin is too fast
  6. A faulty drive pulley
  7. Loose parts in the washer
  8. A clogged vent pipe
  9. Damaged or faulty motor coupling
  10. Bad clutch and worn out transmissions

#1. Worn Out Tub Bearing

As time goes on the sound gets louder and becomes unbearable if the tub bearing of the washer is damaged. The tub bearing is another common reason why your Lg washer could be running like a jet that is about to take off.

In case you don’t really know what your washer tub bearing is. The tube bearing is a component of the washer that allows it to spin freely without resistance or friction. 

Removing lg washer tub bearing

When your washer is spinning properly without any issues or noise making, then it is certain that nothing is wrong with the tube bearing. 

Nonetheless, If it’s the opposite case, it could be that the tub bearing is worn out or the metal ball inside the component has begun to fall apart. 

#2. Damaged Or Blocked Drain Pump

A drain pump is just like a passage pipe through which all the liquid content of your washer gets flushed out during a spin cycle.

If you notice that your washer is making a lot of noise, it might be probably due to a damaged or clogged drain pump. 

A damaged drain pump can lead to water leakage in addition to forcing out a lot of water if it is blocked.

The force that is emitted by the water causes your washer to produce a jet engine-like sound which can only be solved by inspecting the drain pump.

#3. Excessive Use Of Detergent

When you make use of too much detergent in your washer, it can lead to excess suds and cause the appliance to work even harder. 

Note that when the appliance begins to overwork, it starts to produce jet engine-like sounds which could also be a sign that it might get damaged.

#4. Overloading The Washer With Work

Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I try to overload my washer with too much load hoping that it gets washed faster and quicker. But you know what, I was actually wrong with that. 

This action resulted in a bad effect on my washer but fortunately I was able to resolve the issue. 

What I noticed during the period of overloading my washer was that it was always making this weird sound like a jet engine which I didn’t really pay much attention to.

If your washer is sounding like it’s about to take off in an airport, then perhaps you have overloaded it with excess clothes. You need to stop doing that right at this moment if you want it to stop making those noises.

In addition to this, it’s also a basic reason why your washer doesn’t clean clothes.

#5. A Faulty Drive Pulley

The responsibility of the drive pulley in a washing machine is to turn or rotate the inner tub while a cycle is ongoing. 

Note that if the drive pulley becomes faulty or damaged, it might likely produce unfavorable sounds which you won’t enjoy at all. I’m being serious here, the sound isn’t something you can dance to…

#7. Loose Parts In The Washer

If there are some loose or detached components in your washer, it could start to affect the proper functioning of the appliance and cause it to make screeching noises or sounds.

touching white lg washing machine

However, It might occur that probably a bolt or nut got loose and stuck somewhere inside the washer or another part has shifted from its original position. 

All these are among the reasons why your washer is sounding like a jet engine. 

#8. Lg Washer Spin Is Too Fast

When your washer is spinning too fast, more than the normal speed, the movement of the appliance won’t be stable on ground as this is another reason why it might be sounding really weird.

No worries, there is actually a solution to this which you should definitely consider. 

A regular Lg washer speeds range from 400 to 1800 RPM.

In order to get your washer balanced and spinning properly, you need to make sure that the RPM is not more than 600-1400 RPM respectively.

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How Do I Fix A Lg Washer Sounding Like A Jet Engine?

Remove Any Clogs In The Drain Pump Or Replace It.

Check the drain pump and inspect if there are any signs of clogs or leakages. If you discover any of these, you need to ensure that you fix them properly by removing all the dirt or whatever is blocking the pipe. 

Just make sure it is clean and there is as free movement as possible as you can. Perhaps the drain pump seems damaged or leaking, you need to replace it as soon as possible. 

This is one of the ways to fix a lg washer that sounds like a jet engine in no time.

Inspect, Lubricate Or Replace The Tube Bearing

Secondly, check the tub bearing of your lg washer and inspect whether or not it is faulty. Check if the small metal balls in the middle are still intact and also inspect if the bearing is lubricated.

Note that the bearing might be stuck and it could actually just need to be lubricated in order to start working again and stop making a lot of noise.

Tub bearing getting detached

However, there are several lubricants you can try such as engine oils, household greases, boeshield T-9 waterproof lubricant, pedro’s chainj, and many more. 

If you notice any worn parts in the tub bearing, then you can confirm that it needs a replacement. 

Without a doubt, it is actually difficult to replace the tub bearing of your lg washer unless you are a repairman or an experienced professional.

This is the reason why it is best left for professionals to handle. Although, before reaching out to a professional, it is important that you go through the other solutions we’ve highlighted below.

You know, so that you wouldn’t spend cash and time on something you could have done all by yourself at home.

Stop Overloading Your Lg Washer

Overloading the appliance won’t provide the washer with enough space for it to work perfectly. Ensure that there is sufficient space in the washer and load it one at a time as long as it is not overfilled.

Replace Or Tighten Up The Loose Drive Pulley

The drive pulley might either become loose or damaged at a particular point. If the drive pulley is faulty, you need a replacement but if it is loose, you can definitely fix this without a replacement.

In order for you to fix the drive pulley and stop your washer from sounding like a jet engine, you need to remove the back panel of your washer with some simple tools. 

First of all, unplug the washer then tighten up the loose drive pulley before removing and reattaching the back panel.

You can plug your washer and check if it’s still making the same sound.

Check For Any Trapped Or Loose Parts

Inspect the washer by checking if you will find any parts of the appliance that is probably stuck somewhere or trapped while making a lot of noise.

A couple of tricks is required for this particular fix as you will need thorough inspection in order to discover those trapped objects and any loose parts.

Remember that some parts of the washer might have also moved away from their original position. So find and fix them especially for models like LG WM3700HVA.


Perhaps your lg washer sounds like a jet engine, there are a few causes of this problem which I’ve highlighted in the article above. 

In conclusion, you need to remember that solving this problem requires you to:

  • Replace or tighten up the loose drive pulley.
  • Remove any clogs in the drain pump or replace it.
  • Check for any trapped or loose parts
  • Stop overloading your lg washer.
  • Inspect, lubricate or replace the tube bearing (like a 4280FR4048L washer bearing).
  • Make sure your washer isn’t spinning too fast.
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