Can’t Change Cycle On Bosch Dishwasher (How To Fix)

Bosch Dishwasher start button

You probably can’t change cycle on bosch dishwasher due to one reason or the other.

Most times, this is perhaps our fault but we fail to admit or detect this at the early stage.

Bosch Dishwashers might refuse to change cycles for so many reasons, nonetheless we’ll be highlighting a few reasons and the specific solutions for this.

Homeowners tend to spend a lot of money on fixing their appliances, by getting in touch with repairmen or professionals.

You definitely do not have to spend an unnecessary amount of money if you know how to troubleshoot your dishwasher.

Nevertheless, this is perhaps why you need to learn the reasons why your bosch dishwasher doesn’t change cycle and some things you need to do about that.

Why Can’t I Change Cycle On Bosch Dishwasher?

A very common reason why you probably can’t change cycle on your bosch dishwasher irrespective of the models is due to the following reasons. 

  1. If the door latch of your dishwasher is faulty or broken, the appliance definitely won’t be able to continue or change cycle.
  1. Opening the door of the dishwasher mid-way to add more dishes before the soap is released is also a reason why you can’t change cycles on a bosch dishwasher. 

It is a really bad idea to open your dishwasher door mid-way while a cycle is ongoing.

Most dishwasher users do this to probably add more dishes inside the dishwasher before it dispenses liquid soap. 

But the outcome might be different depending on the model or type of bosch dishwasher. 

It is normal for some specific models of bosch dishwashers to instantly reprogram itself to resume the cycle from where it stopped. 

While some different brands or models of some dishwashers won’t pick up and start the back up automatically from where it stopped. 

If your Bosch dishwasher does this, you would probably notice that the LED lights of the appliance are still on and perhaps blinking but you can’t change the cycle or do some other stuff…

Sometimes turning the Dishwasher On and Off repeatedly won’t fix this problem as there are specific procedures to follow in order to get it fixed.

Bosch displaying dishwasher name

You need to be aware that before blaming the cause of the problem on the wash pump or motor isn’t the right solution, you should thoroughly check whether or not the wash cycle was paused.

Without a doubt, opening the dishwasher while cycling Is a really costly mistake that you are advised not to make at all.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Change the Cycle On a Bosch Dishwasher?

It’s really difficult when you find out that your dishes aren’t getting washed properly, due to the fact that you can’t change cycles on the dishwasher or for some other related reasons. 

The most favorable option to implement the moment you experience a problem like this is to run a reset on the dishwasher.

Nonetheless, resetting your bosch dishwasher comes in two different methods which includes the soft and the hard reset.

  • Soft or Hard reset.
  • Using the control panel.
  • Exiting the control lock (Child Lock).
  • Remove the door latch and get it replaced if it is damaged.

Carrying out these resets would definitely determine whether your dishwasher can continue with the wash cycle or not.

What Are The Steps To Take If I Can’t Change Cycle On Bosch Dishwasher?

Before you consider initiating the manual reset options, child lock option or some other way of resetting your dishwasher back to normal.

The first step and procedure to take is to carry out a reset with the use of the dishwasher control panel.

However, this is a very simple and important procedure because it helps you detect whether the dishwasher was interrupted or paused by your kids before carrying out other complex steps to reset the cycle of your bosch dishwasher.

Step 1: Via The Control Panel

Ensure that the door latch of the dishwasher is firmly closed before initiating this procedure.

Step 2:

Hold and press the “start” button for approximately 5 seconds in order to trigger the dishwasher to respond. 

Step 3:

If you notice a sudden pump movement or vibration. This implies that your dishwasher was just paused and interrupted. 

You necessarily don’t need to perform the hard reset on the appliance.

On some different models of bosch dishwashers, the reset button is attached with the start keypad. 

If you couldn’t find the necessary buttons required to carry out this procedure, note that you are probably using a different model or a new bosch dishwasher. 

can't change cycle on bosch dishwasher

These new bosch dishwashers have their control panel or unit controls under the countertop, so it doesn’t face you like other normal dishwashers.

This incognito design which it’s mostly referred to, is really difficult to operate the soft rest.

You can still do it, but you have to be really quick though.

  1. Open the door latch of your dishwasher and attempt to press the “start” button.
  1. Now, quickly close the door and return to it to its normal position while waiting for 3 to 5 seconds.
  1. You should get a pump or motor movement response which indicates that the dishwasher is stuck on the wash cycle.
  1. The current ongoing cycle will be completed and all the processes will be finalized.

Additionally, in some old model of the appliance, you obviously would not find a start button.

Instead of a start button, this is indicated by the “cancel” or “drain” keypad.

So in order to carry out the same procedure on your own model, you will need to carry out a specific button press sequence. 

This involves holding the “regular wash” button and the “rinse” button at the same time and while the door latch is closed for about 5 seconds.

Perhaps you didn’t get any response (pump movement) after carrying out the 3rd step, then you should be aware that your bosch dishwasher needs further troubleshooting

dishwasher showing keypads

Continue reading to find out how to undergo other resetting procedures in order to be able to change cycles on the bosch dishwasher.

How To Reset My Bosch Dishwasher To Change Cycles?

Here are ways to basically reset the bosch dishwasher whenever it gets stuck without changing cycles.

Most importantly, the soft rest or control panel method didn’t work.

Exiting the control lock (Child Lock)

Sometimes, you might personally be selecting the wrong settings combination of your dishwasher or probably have kids roaming around tampering with the settings.

If by mistake, you activate the control or child lock.

Then you should not expect your dishwasher to begin or change cycles in that particular setting.

Perhaps you chose the wrong settings or mistakenly activated the child lock.

You can exit or deactivate it so as to be able to change cycles on your bosch dishwasher again. 

Manual or Hard Reset

The hard or manual reset requires totally disconnecting the bosch dishwasher from the power source. 

This should automatically trigger a new wash cycle if performed correctly.

Follow the steps below as it will guide you through the procedures.

  1. Remove the plug of your dishwasher and wait for about 5 minutes for things to cool down.
  1. Disconnect power from the main switch in the house by looking for the circuit breaker.
  1. Make sure to find the one that is specifically labeled with “dishwasher or DW”. 
  1. Turn off this circuit breaker by pulling it towards the off spot. This action might result in the lights of the dishwasher and some other appliances going off. Don’t worry about that.
  1. After 5 minutes, turn the circuit breaker back on and restart the dishwasher. 

It should be ready for action once again, starting a new wash cycle.

While carrying out this specific troubleshooting method, ensure that the cables and plugs you are handling aren’t wet. 

This is very important in order to avoid electric shock. 

Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding?

If your bosch dishwasher buttons aren’t responding, it’s probably due to power supply issue, faulty circuit breaker, activated child lock feature, or the control panel is damaged.

Try troubleshooting the above components in order to fix this issue.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get confused while trying to reset your bosch dishwasher via the control panel method.

Sometimes, the “start” button is represented by the “reset” button and in some old dishwasher models it is indicated by the “cancel” or “drain” button.

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