Bosch Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening? Easy Fixes 2023

Your dishwasher is expected to open the dispenser and release soap into the tub at the appropriate time. 

If your bosch dishwasher soap dispenser is not opening? This simply means that a fault has occurred somewhere usually around the dishwasher dispenser.

Actually, the most likely causes of this issue is a damaged detergent container and dispenser, faulty door spring, latch, bi-metallic actuator, malfunctioning control panel and so much more.

I’ve personally experienced issues like this one here. This article will contain troubleshooting guides on how you can fix this problem. 

Do yourself a favor and read carefully to the end. I revealed some tips and techniques which I utilized in fixing mine effectively.

Why Is My Bosch Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening?

The soap dispenser works with a spring-operated door latch which is wired into the control panel.

It basically fires detergent into the tub mostly during a wash cycle.

If the dispenser isn’t opening, here are some of the reasons why.

First and foremost, I’ve illustrated a table below to give you a quick overview of the causes of this problem and their fixes.

The CausesQuick Fixes
Faulty door spring and hinge pinRemove and replace the damaged door spring.
Blocked dispenser unitCheck for blockages, then reload and remove tall items.
Damaged dispenser actuatorInspect this component for physical damages before replacing.
Fried bi-metallic switchTest for its continuity and replace the switch if it’s burnt.
Damaged dispenser doorCheck this out for physical damages before replacing.
Faulty control panelInspect and replace the control panel.

1. Defective Bi-metal Switch or Wax Motor

bosch dishwasher detergent dispenser not opening

Without a doubt, this is one of the first things you need to check out if your dishwasher dispenser door refuses to open.

This electrical component, bi-metallic switch, is made up of two metals which opens the dispenser’s door when an electrical circuit is received.

You can imagine what would happen if the bi-metal switch gets damaged – it’s simple! The dispenser door won’t disengage or open.

The bi-metallic switch and wax motor works the same way, they’re both literally the same. 

The difference is that bi-metallic switch are usually in older Bosch dishwashers while you’ll find a wax motor in newer dishwashers.

For a wax motor, it contains a wax that gets heated up to push a piston which instantly opens the dispenser door.

How to fix? Replace the components!

In order to fix this, what you are required to do is:

  • Test the bi-metallic switch or wax motor for continuity.
  • Replace the components if you found them to be defective.

Irrespective of whether your dishwasher comes with a bi-metal switch or wax motor, they both can be tested and replaced in the same manner.

To test and replace these components, you need to get access to it. 

It’s located within the door assembly, very close to the detergent dispenser cup.

A reading of infinity means it’s defective and should be replaced.

2. Broken Timer Motor

While the timer controls times and duration, it also signals and acts as an actuator for the dispenser door.

The timer activates a lever that as a result opens the detergent cup. 

If the timer motor is faulty, it might not be able to properly send signals to dictate time to open the dispenser.

This is another reason why your bosch dishwasher dispenser is failing to open.

Some other two components associated with this are:

  • Faulty dispenser actuator – The actuator in this mechanism might either get burnt or damaged. When this happens, it prevents the dispenser from opening.
  • Faulty dispenser lever – The soap dispenser lever also helps in opening the dispenser when it needs to. It’s usually a black or white plastic, it can affect the proper opening if damaged.

How to fix?

First of all, what you need to do is test the timer motor just like you did for the wax motor and bi-metallic switch.

Locate the timer assembly which you will find behind the lower kick plate or in the control panel.

Test the timer motor to see if it’s still working perfectly. If not, consider replacing.

I’ll recommend replacing the timer motor only instead of the entire assembly. 

Timer motors would be cheaper compared to replacing the entire assembly.

Next, the dispenser actuator and lever are connected together, you should be able to locate the lever after finding the actuator.

Check for any defects before repairing or replacing any parts.

3. The Dispenser Is Blocked or Damaged

Why is my bosch dishwasher soap dispenser not opening

Another very common reason why the dispenser isn’t opening is likely because the dispenser is faulty or obstructed.

It’s possible that there are detergents in the dispenser or some tall items blocking the dispenser door.

These items are usually cutting boards or cookie sheets placed in the racks. 

Here are some two things directly associated with the dispenser door or cover 

  • Worn-out dispenser spring – This small spring or responsible for triggering the unit to open during a wash cycle in order to allow soap into your dishwasher. Sometimes it might get damaged and when this happens, the dispenser door won’t open properly.
  • Dispenser door hinge pin – The hinge pin could also be corroded. It also plays a part in the proper functioning of the dispenser.

How to fix?

The dispenser is usually blocked by some soap residues and debris. You can use hot water to melt away heavily stuck residues.

Also avoid off brand soap detergent that may leave heavy residues within the soap dispenser.

Load your dishes in a way that they don’t block the dispenser. Regarding the spring and hinge pin, you need to replace them if they’re worn out.

Most especially the dispenser spring! 

4. Bad Control Panel

If you have tried all of the above fixes and the dispenser still doesn’t seem to open, you need to inspect the control panel too.

It’s like the powerhouse of the appliance that literally controls most of the functions of the dishwasher.

The control panel could be damaged malfunctioning at least. 

When this happens, some components might not work properly and this can result in issues with the detergent dispenser and tray.

How to fix?

Most of the time, It’s recommended if you allow an appliance technician to check this out for you. 

Inspecting and replacing the control board might really be a complex process. Note that most problems I’ve come across on the dishwasher dispenser don’t really get to the control panel.

So it’s a rare case and you might not even need to replace the control panel if other fixes worked.

When Does The Soap Dispenser Open In A Bosch Dishwasher?

The soap dispenser usually opens in a bosch dishwasher in the middle of a wash cycle. It usually opens after the water has been heated to a certain temperature.

The exact time might vary and depend on your dishwasher timer as it controls how that works.

Finally, you need to be aware that there is no specific time given for the soap dispenser to open as long as it opens during a cycle.

Final Thoughts

If your bosch dishwasher detergent dispenser not opening, you should follow the step-by-step procedures I’ve highlighted above.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a solution to this the problem. Thanks for reading!

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