Bosch Dishwasher No Lights On Control Panel (Fixed)

Dishwasher with an opened door latch

It’s quite an annoying situation when you attempt to start your Bosch Dishwasher and it fails to come on or probably no light appears on the control panel. 

I once had an experience with my Dishwasher in the early hours of a beautiful morning as I was trying to clean my dishware and cookware.

Suddenly no light seems to appear on the control panel of the Bosch dishwasher. 

The solution to this problem is to troubleshoot the control panel, ensure that there is an active power supply, look for loose connections, and many other methods.

Notwithstanding, I will be sharing some simple methods or techniques which I utilized in troubleshooting my Dishwasher and the issue was solved right away. 

Why Does Your Bosch Dishwasher Display No Lights On Control Panel

These are some clear reasons why your Dishwasher might not display light on the control panel.

The reasons are as follows along with a short solution to every issue in the table below.

  • Due to loose power cords
  • Power supply problems
  • Faulty control panel
  • Damaged control board
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Door latch switch issues
Bosch Dishwasher No Lights On Control Panel issuesA Short Solution To Fix The Problem
Due to loose or damaged cable connections/power cordEnsure to fasten the cable connecting the Dishwasher and the fuse or simply find a replacement
Power supply problemsMake sure that electricity is correctly supplied to the appliance.
Faulty control panelCheck for errors or completely replace.
Damaged control boardThe main control board should be fixed or replaced
Tripped circuit breakerWires/plugs should be properly plugged into its wall outlet
Door latch switch issuesThe door latch should be inspected for any sign of damage

The aforementioned issues are basically some proven reasons why Bosch Dishwasher might not show light on the control panel. 

Below are step-by-step procedures on how to successfully solve this problem.

Due To loose Power Cord

The Dishwasher cable or power cord is an extension cord that is located and connected underneath the appliance.

Note that most dishwashers have their power cables located at the top right corner while focusing on the rear of the appliance. 

The first step to take if your Bosch Dishwasher control panel doesn’t turn on is to locate the power cord. 

Step 1: 

Find the power cord and inspect if there is any sign of broken wires.

This is important because a broken wire won’t allow the normal flow of electricity into your Bosch Dishwasher. 

Step 2:

If there are signs of loose cable connections, this is one of the reasons why your Dishwasher displays no light on the control board.

The solution is to replace the power cord as soon as possible.

Power Supply Problem

If your Dishwasher is still not turning on or showing any sign of light at all, the next thing to do is to fix your power supply issues. 

Dishwasher Damaged control board

Step 1: 

Check whether or not the fuse that directs electricity to your dishwasher is correctly turned on.

If not, ensure that you have correctly turned this on before you attempt to restart your Dishwasher.

Step 2:

You might also need to initiate a little trouble shooting on the circuit breaker.

The only thing you need to do is to remove the fuse in the box and reconnect it back after a while. 

After doing this, try to use the Dishwasher again to check if the lights on the control panel turns on before proceeding to the following troubleshooting techniques.

Door latch switch issues

You might not be expecting this but the door latch of your dishwasher can also be responsible for no light on the control panel.

The control panel won’t turn on if there is a mechanical fault associated with the door latch.

The dishwasher won’t signal a start if the door latch fails to work or it lacks continuity. 

Step 1:

The fist procedure to put in place is to examine the door latch for any visible issues. Inspect the wires that run from the door to the other parts of the dishwasher.

If you can notice a damage or abnormal issues, then you know that’s where the problem is coming from.

Step 2:

The solution to this in order to make the lights on your Dishwasher turn on is to get the door latch to work properly or replace it.

Control Panel Lock

When the control panel lock is activated, all buttons are disabled and the lights on the control panel might turn off. 

You might have no idea that your control panel is locked and this is basically one of the reasons why lights might not display on your dishwasher control panel. 

Depending on the model you are using, you can easily disable the control panel lock feature.

You can turn your Bosch dishwasher on by following the steps below.

Step 1:

Locate the control lock button on your dishwasher keypad. Note that this button might differ from model to model.

Step 2:

You need to hold this button for a few seconds in order to get it disabled. After doing this light should automatically appear on your control panel.

If this method doesn’t work, you should proceed to the other possible solutions that might work.

Dishwasher opening door

Malfunctioning Or Faulty Electronic Timer

The sole function of an electronic timer in a dishwasher is to regulate the amount of time that’s taken for power to be transfered to every components in the dishwasher. 

It actually controls the unit’s cycles and does not necessarily change Bosch Dishwasher cycles.

If the electronic timer malfunctions or is probably faulty.

This might affect the proper starting of your dishwasher and might be among the reasons why it fails to turn on or display light on the control panel. 

During situations like this, you would be required to replace the electronic timer. You can do this by hiring a technician or watching some detailed youtube videos on the procedures. 

Malfunctioning Of Control Panel

The control panel of the Dishwasher is similar to a board where you can easily manage all the functions of the dishwasher. 

If it is faulty or slightly malfunctioning, it might be a reason why you are experiencing dishwasher no light on the control panel problem.

Step 1:

Examine the control panel, diagnostic mode and make sure all the little connections are tight and free from corrosion.

Your Dishwasher control panel could actually not be working perfectly all this while.

Step 2: 

You need to check to find out whether or not there are any burn parts of the control panel. This will instantly provide you with a clue on the next step to take. 

Nonetheless, If the indicator lights still do not turn on after troubleshooting the control panel or you probably notice a burnt part.

Then it is the right time for a replacement. 

Step 3:

There is a possibility that if you don’t get a control panel which is compatible with the one you are using, it might not work. 

Find a control panel that is compatible with your current Dishwasher.

The vendor selling the control panel will ask for all the necessary information on your Dishwasher, in order to provide you with a compatible control panel.

This is perhaps the last solution you should consider after you must have attempted all the aforementioned techniques. 

If after following all the previous steps and your Dishwasher display button still won’t turn on. You are on the right path by getting a new control panel.

Places where you can purchase a control panel includes Amazon and some other similar stores. 

White Dishes inside a dishwasher

How Do I Make Sure My Bosch Dishwasher Light Always Displays On The Control Panel?

If you have been using your Dishwasher for quite a while now.

There are chances that you might experience issues like this once in a while due to the age of your dishwasher. 

However, this does not imply that you shouldn’t make use of your dishwasher.

Infact, keeping your Dishwasher running is a way of maintaining the appliance.

  • You need to make sure that you are regularly maintaining the appliance by frequently unclogging the dishwasher spray arm nozzles.
  • You should inspect the racks and repair some little faults before they develop into something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: bosch dishwasher display not working when door is closed?

This might be as a result of a damaged door latch, because the dishwasher won’t work unless the door is properly closed.

Try removing the inner door panel and test the door latch assembly for voltage using a multimeter.

Replace any components that has zero reading or seems faulty, your dishwasher shouId work after that.

Q: how do i reset my dishwasher control panel?

To reset your dishwasher control panel, flip the circuit breaker or turn it off.

Otherwise, open the dishwasher door. Then press and hold the “Start/Reset” or “Cancel-Drain” button for 5 seconds before you power the dishwasher on and off.

Final Thoughts – Bosch Dishwasher No Lights On Control Panel

Provided you pay attention to the step-by-step guidelines which have been highlighted above.

You should be able to resolve bosch dishwasher no lights on control panel issues by checking for power supply problems.

Also inspecting if the control board is damaged or not, replacing the door latch switch and many more. 

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