Samsung Dryer Timer Jumps To 1 Minute (2023 Fixes!)

Samsung Dryer Timer Jumps To 1 Minute

Have you been carrying out a few loads of laundry lately and the timer of your Samsung dryer seems to jump to 1 minutes during a cycle? 

You are actually not the only one experiencing this problem, there are several other people struggling with this also.

This is the exact reason why we decided to pull together a detailed guide which will help you solve this issue and pull you out of the doldrums.

Meanwhile, the situation of your dryer might occur whereas it begins a cycle and perhaps runs for a few minutes before it eventually changes to 1 minute, then goes into cooling mode before shutting off.

For some other diagnosis, the dryer might not stop after the timer has reached 1 minute.

Regardless of what you are currently experiencing with your dryer, this extensive guide ahead will definitely put you through. 

Sounds like you’re ready for the journey, let’s get started!!

Why Does My Samsung Dryer Jumps to 1 minute During A Cycle?

We have compiled some certain causes which could be hindering your dryer from functioning properly. 

Without a doubt, if this situation occurs, it simply implies that the dry cycles have been cut short and aren’t actually getting your clothes dry. 

Here are some basic reasons why your samsung dryer keeps going to 1 minute while being in a cycle.

  • The moisture sensor is probably coated or blocked by clothes in the dryer
  • Clogs are present in the lint filter
  • Restrictions in the exhaust vent system
  • Damaged wire harness connections 
  • The thermistor is faulty or damaged
  • A damaged electronic control board

1. Moisture Sensor Is Probably Coated Or Blocked By Cloths In The Dryer.

All samsung dryers usually comes with a moisture sensor Irrespective of the model of samsung dryer you are using.

Whether it is a DV42H5000EW/A3 model, DV45H7000EW/A2 model, DV339AEG/XAC model or any other models. 

Moisture sensor is a two parallel metal strips that are literally responsible for measuring the level of moisture in your dryer. 

pointing to a moisture sensor

The moisture sensor could be the reason why your dryer is jumping to 1 minute during a cycle. 

If the sensor is covered by a sheet, beddings or blankets in the dryer it definitely won’t be able to function properly.

The dry cycles would be cut short if the moisture sensor inside of your dryer is not clean enough. You probably need to clean the moisture sensor in your dryer.

2. Clogs Are Present In The Lint Filter

As time goes on while using your dryer, the lint filter starts to get filled with clogs which is a sign of an upcoming problem. 

The dryer lint filter or lint trap plays a major role in the normal functioning of your dryer as it is another reason why you might be experiencing this problem.

long lint trap at the back of a dryer

There are literally some step-by-step procedures you need to follow if the lint trap of your dryer is filed with clogs or excessive lints. 

3. Restrictions In The Exhaust Vent System

Another good reason is that there might be some residual lint in the vent pipe which could be causing a restriction and not allowing humid air via the exhaust duct.

It is important for dryers to exhaust or vent hot air to the outside of the house and this can only be carried out via the dryer vent pipe

If this pipe is restricted, your dryer could start to malfunction and this is another vital reason why you are having a problem with the timer.

opened samsung vent pipe

Don’t worry, I’ll be highlighting all the necessary tips to fix all these in no time.

4. Damaged wire harness connections

Perhaps the wire harness connections which can be located between the thermistor and the electronic control board gets damaged, it could actually affect the dryer timer and force it to malfunction. 

However, this is in direct connection with the control panel and the thermistor. If any of the thermistor or electronic control panel gets damaged the dryer timer might get affected and not function properly.

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Samsung Dryer Timer Jumps To 1 Minute- How To Fix

Now that you are fully aware of the reasons why the timer of your dryer could be malfunctioning, you definitely need a few procedures that will obviously help you fix the problem and eventually get the appliance to work perfectly again. 

Here are a few things you should do if your samsung dryer goes to 1 minute after a cycle. 

However, If you are also experiencing related problems with the timer which is similar to this. Try out the following methods below.

#1. Check and ensure that the moisture sensor is dry. 

I will be taking this accordingly in line with the things I think you should do gradually. 

First and foremost, check if the moisture sensor is dry, you will find the moisture sensor inside the dryer, you ought to be able to recognize it as two parallel metal strips sticking together openly.

You probably need to clean the moisture sensors in your dryer using a soft fabric with drops of water and soap. 

Use the fabric to wipe the sensor bars by cleaning the two curved metal bars inside the dryer which is close to the lint filter housing.

Finally, clean it with a dry towel in order to ensure there is no sign of moisture again. You can also clean the moisture sensor with a fine sandpaper and alcohol.

In other words, the moisture sensor can also be replaced if it is damaged. 

#2. Remove all leftover lints in the lint trap or lint filter of the dryer

With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you should be able to do this. Ensure that these lints are vacuumed frequently.

#3. Check the exhaust vent system or vent ducts to see if it is restricted.

If you notice that the vent system is restricted or blocked by residual lints, you also need a vacuum to clean the lints in the vent pipe.

vent pipe samsung dryer

Especially if you connected the dryer to a venting system that was previously installed.

#4. Reconnect any loose wires or replace the wire harness if damaged

There might be some loose wires that you didn’t notice, inspect the dryer for these wires and make you reconnect them after finding it.

#5. Replace the thermistor

You should attempt to replace the thermistor if the wire harness is okay. First and foremost, unplug the dryer from the wall or socket. You need to measure the thermistor resistance using a multimeter. 

The measurements should be around 10,000 ohms of resistance which is accurate at room temperature.

Note that it is only when the resistance is off that you only need to change and replace the thermistor.

#6. Replace the electronic control board. 

You should only replace the electronic control board. Perhaps both the thermistor resistance and the wire harness are not faulty.

#7. Make sure the dryer motor isn’t clogged.

Lastly, you need to ensure that your dryer’s motor is free from potential clogs or obstructions.

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Why Does samsung dryer keeps going to 1 minute?

The reason why your dryer goes from 40 minutes to 1 minutes is caused by a blocked or dirty moisture sensor. In other words, it could be due to an overheating of the motor in the appliance. 

Samsung dryer shuts off after a few minutes?

Perhaps your samsung dryer seems to be shutting off after a few minutes, the reasons for this includes a damaged door latch or switch, the dryer motor is overheating, broken or worn out drum belt, the moisture sensor wire is oxidized or issues with the pulley and tension roller.

Although the first suspect shouId be your dryer’s motor, it’s one of the most common causes of this problem if it’s overheating.

Try inspecting and replacing any faulty component and your dryer should be back to normal.

Samsung dryer timer not working?

If your samsung dryer timer isn’t working, it’s either the timer is stuck or won’t shut off at all.

The first thing you should check is the dryer motor, it’s the main obvious culprit before moving forward to inspect the control panel and cycling thermostat.


Without a doubt, I hope you were able to grab a quick fix to solve your dryer problem.

If you are experiencing situations whereby your samsung dryer timer goes to 1 minute, Just ensure that you try some other solutions if the previous ones don’t work. Thanks for reading.

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