Bosch Dishwasher Not Draining But No Blockage (Solved!)

Bosch dishwasher not draining but no blockage

Most people probably assume a blockage is the main reason why their dishwasher isn’t draining. To be honest, you guys are actually right about that!

But what if you’ve attempted to fix the blockage issue but you realized that your dishwasher doesn’t seem to have any blockages.

If your bosch dishwasher is not draining and there’s no blockage, there are some other areas to check and inspect. 

In the article we’ll be discussing how to fix a dishwasher that is refusing to drain after you’ve checked for blockages but you couldn’t find one.

Reasons for Bosch dishwasher not draining but no blockage? 

For you to be sure that there’s no blockage in the appliance, you must have inspected the drain hose for visible blockages, checked the air gaps for clogs and also inspected the filters if there is debris blocking it.

Below are some other areas that might be the culprit if there’s no blockage.

1. Kinked Drain Hose

Kinked drain hose

You might have checked the drain hose but couldn’t find any blockage. 

Yes! It’s not only about the clogs in the hoses alone, you should ensure that it isn’t kinked.

If the hose is not blocked, then it’s perhaps kinked. Straighten out the kinks and make sure wastewater flows through easily.

Sometimes the hose might be twisted to the extent that it starts leaking, in cases like this you might need to change the hose entirely.

2. Failed Drain Pump

Bosch dishwasher won't drain

The drain pump is the next thing you should be looking at. If the drain pump isn’t clogged then it might probably be faulty.

The work of this particular component is to pump water out of the dishwasher.

Even if it’s not blocked at all, when it becomes faulty it can lead to several drainage issues.

One of them is preventing the dishwasher from draining properly or even draining at all.


The quick solution to this issue is to repair or replace the drain pump. 

In most cases you might not be able to repair the pump which is why most people would rather replace it entirely.

Replacing the drain pump might cost you a few bucks actually but it’s really worth it if you are interested in fixing your dishwasher.

3. Faulty Wash Impeller

Bosch dishwasher not draining completely

A wash impeller plays a major role in the drainage system of your bosch dishwasher. 

It would affect the proper draining of the dishwasher if it’s faulty.

So if there seems to be no blockage in the appliance, it’s possible that the wash impeller is the culprit here.


We recommend replacing the drain and wash impeller. You can actually do this all by yourself without the help of a professional.

Once you have purchased the compatible wash impeller for your bosch dishwasher, proceed to appropriately dismantle the dishwasher interior.

This includes removing the inner dish rack till you get to the bottom, then adding the new seal and impeller before re-installation.

4. Damaged Check Valve

The faulty check valve does not directly affect the draining problem of your dishwasher because it’s only responsible for preventing the backflow of water into the dishwasher after it’s been drained.

However, if your bosch dishwasher isn’t draining and has no blockage, you should definitely inspect the check valve.

If the check valve is damaged, it could get stuck in a fixed position and this can affect the proper drainage of water also.


You can repair the check valve or replace it if you think that it’s the cause of the problem.

It’s important that you find the correct match check valve for your bosch dishwasher in order to avoid complicating the draining issue.

5. Malfunctioning Control Board

We’ll be adding this at the end because it’s actually one of the rare causes. 

If no blockages were detected, your dishwasher still keeps draining and you’ve attempted all of the above fixes.

Then chances are that the control board is the problem. This component can authorize requests and functionalities of the dishwasher.

If it’s damaged, one of the functionalities that might get affected is the drainage system. 


Now what you need to do is troubleshoot the control panel in order to be sure that it’s faulty.

Once you find out that the control panel is faulty or isn’t working properly, then you can proceed to replace it. 


Here’s a summary of what we discussed above. It’s important to know that there’s no blockage on your bosch dishwasher while still not draining.

This could be as a result of issues like a faulty drain impeller, malfunctioning control panel, kinked drain hose, faulty drain pump amongst others.

Thanks for reading. 

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