Whirlpool Dishwasher Sanitized Light Blinking (How To Fix)

Regarding whirlpool dishwasher sanitize light blinking, most dishwasher users tends to experience this particular issue so it’s literally a general problem.

The sanitize light is expected to illuminate at the end of a cycle.

But if this does not happen or the whirlpool dishwasher blinking lights keeps happening. It means there is a problem lurking around.

The reasons why sanitize light is blinking on your dishwasher is due to a faulty heating element, opened door latch, malfunctioning drain pump, improperly sanitized dishes and many more.

In order to fix and put an end to this particular dishwasher issue, there are some certain things you need to do for this to happen.

I’ll also be highlighting some possible causes why your dishwasher sanitize LED light might suddenly start to blink, probably at the end of a washing cycle.

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Why Is My Whirlpool Dishwasher Sanitize Light Blinking?

Situations might occur whereby your dishwasher sanitize light might keep blinking for a while.

The most common reason for this is probably due to a damaged part or perhaps system malfunctioning. 

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Here are some reasons why this issue might have occurred in the first instance. 

  1. The dishes are not properly sanitized.
  2. The temperature requirements for sanitization were reached or met.
  3. The heating element is faulty or damaged.
  4. The door latch was probably opened or power interrupted during a cycle.
  5. Perhaps the drain pump is not working properly.

The Dishes Are Not Properly Sanitized

At the end of a particular cycle, if you decide to sanitize the dishes and you notice the dishwasher displays a blinking sanitize light. 

This literally indicates that the dishes were not sanitized, therefore the cause of the blinking light.

So this means you need to make sure that the sanitization of the dishes are done properly in order to avoid issues.

The Temperature Requirements For Sanitization Were Reached Or Met

Another reason why the Sanitize led lights could light up is because the water has reached a certain degrees which is insufficient for sanitize cycle to take place.

Note that the sanitize LED won’t light if the sensor of the dishwasher doesn’t sense that the water has reached the minimum temperature requirement.

The water temperature should be at a minimum of 120°F or between 155°F to 160°F.

Sometimes the sanitize portion of the cycle might not complete, which implies that water did not reach the recommended temperature. 

This is a common reason why the sanitize light on your dishwasher panel continues to blink.

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The Heating Element Is Faulty Or Damaged

When the heating element of the whirlpool dishwasher gets damaged, the appliance won’t be able to heat water any longer.

The might therefore, result in a blinking light displayed by the dishwasher sanitize LED. 

whirlpool dishwasher sanitize light blinking

Every dishwasher has a heating element or water heater and you can actually check if it’s faulty or not before taking other necessary procedures.

The responsibility of the heating element is to ensure that water is hot at the required temperature. 

In addition to making it available for the dishwasher in order to avoid a shut down or whirlpool dishwasher lights flashing.

The Door Latch Was Probably Opened

If the door latch of the dishwasher was opened during a cycle, it might lead to escape of heat.

Due to this, the appliance might not be able to reach the desired temperature for the sanitize cycle.

In other words, your whirlpool dishwasher sanitize LED light continues to blink several times after a cycle.

The Drain Pump Is Not Working Properly. 

Another reason why an issue like this could occur is probably due to malfunctioning of the drain pump.

Whenever the drain pump isn’t working, you will notice a LED light blinking on the control panel.

The light usually blinks non-stop until something is done about it. 

If you want to be sure whether the drain pump is really faulty, draining on the floor or not.

Inspect the pump motor for continuity, perhaps it has no continuity, you should replace it. 

dishwasher heating element

Whirlpool Dishwasher Sanitize Light Blinking – How To Fix?

To fix the whirlpool dishwasher sanitize light blinking problem, you need to take note of the following tips and solutions below. 

1. Check the temperature of the water

You need to ensure that the temperature of water in the dishwasher is in the required state.

Alternatively, you can literally run hot water to the dishwasher for 30 seconds. 

You need a sufficient rise in temperature in order to fix or stop the sanitize LED light from blinking at the end of a cycle. (minimum temperature of 120°F)

2. Inspect the water heater

Confirm if the water heater is still producing hot water.

I recommend replacing a damaged or burnt heating element before resuming normal washing cycles.

Note that a burnt heating element won’t allow proper heating of water for sanitize cycle to take place.

However, you can use a multimeter to check if the heating element is working correctly.

3. Reset the dishwasher

Reset the dishwasher control to resolve the issues by disconnecting power from power source.

Another way to reset the dishwasher is to switch the circuit breaker.

4. Activate the dishwasher diagnostic mode

The diagnostic mode automatically clears any errors and the last run information from the memory of your dishwasher. 

It is basically similar to restoring a default settings.

To enter this mode, all you need to do is press the “Normal” and “Heated Dry” Buttons consecutively four times. 

For some whirlpool dishwasher model, you might be required to press any 3 keys in a 1-2-3 (×3) sequence with 1 second between the bkey presses.

touching a button on whirlpool dishwasher

This puts the dishwasher into the service diagnostics cycle after closing the door latch.

However, you would notice that all the LED’s light up instantly and the process should run for about 30 seconds before you press cancel.

After replacing any part of your dishwasher, it is important that you run the service diagnostic cycles or dishwasher diagnostic mode. 

Final Thoughts

On a final note, the sanitize cycle uses hot water to remove food particles and terminate food soil bacteria on your dishes.

Whirlpool dishwasher blinking lights could be an obstruction. 

For instance, perhaps the water in the dishwasher doesn’t reach the required temperature on time, the sanitize light on the control panel might start blinking.

I trust you already know how to solve this with the help of the content above.

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