Kenmore Elite Calypso Washer Doesnt Clean Clothes (Fixed)

kenmore elite calypso washer doesnt clean clothes

It could really be an annoying situation if your kenmore elite calypso washer doesn’t clean clothes.

What’s the point of the washing machine if it doesn’t perform its duty properly as it should?

This is a general issue which is mostly experienced in numerous households that make use of washing machines, especially the kenmore elite calypso washer. 

So this implies that you are definitely not alone if you find yourself in the situation.

You really don’t need to panic if you are currently experiencing this problem, there are a few reasons why this might be happening which includes overloading your washer, using an incorrect wash setting, a blocked drain hose and many more.

However, we will also be highlighting an extensive list of troubleshooting steps you can implement in order to fix this. 

Why Your Kenmore Elite Calypso Washer Doesnt Clean Clothes?

  1. The interior of the washer is dirty
  2. You are using too much detergent
  3. You are overloading the washer
  4. The Drain Hose Is Blocked
  5. You are using too much detergent
  6. Your washer drum is not agitating properly

The Interior Of The Washer Is Dirty

First and foremost, you need to check the interior of your kenmore elite calypso washer if it is clean or not. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why your clothes are not getting clean after washing.

To be realistic, when was the last time you cleaned the interior of your washer? If you have no valid answer to this, then you are definitely close to the reason why the washer isn’t cleaning your clothes properly.

Washing the interior of kenmore elite calypso washer

You need to clean the washer drum at least every 6 months. 

How To Fix 

Without a doubt, you need to ensure that the inside of your washer is clean with the use of a few items and this includes:

  • Small scrub brush
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Small bowl
  • Washing liquid

The first procedure to follow is to use a small scrub brush to scrub the inside of the washer. Fill the inside of the washer with vinegar and run a cycle.

Using vinegar will remove any sign of odor and bacteria in the washer. Use a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean some other parts of the interior of the washer (crannies, fabric softener, soap dispenser).

Then, you need to rinse the washer by running an empty cycle. Make sure no clothes are present inside the washer while carrying out this procedure.

The Drain Hose Is Blocked

If the drain pump or hose of your washer is not draining properly, it could be another reason why the kenmore elite calypso washer isn’t cleaning clothes as it should.

There might be substances or dirt blocking the free passage in the drain pump and you can only figure this out by inspecting the drain hose.

How To Fix

In order to fix this, remove the drain at the back of your washer. Check if there are any blockages or substances obstructing the pump and remove them.

Perhaps the drain pump is worn out, you can decide to get a new one and replace it.

You need to pay extra attention to the type of clothes you wash inside the washing machine. Some clothes have excessive foams or fabric that can block the drain pump.

You Are Overloading The Washer

When there are more than enough loads inside the washer, it can cause your kenmore elite calypso washer to underperform and be less effective at cleaning clothes.

Loads inside kenmore elite calypso washer

There is a particular quantity of clothes you should put inside your washer, it shouldn’t be overloaded in order to avoid underperforming. 

However, your clothes won’t be able to move around with space and clean properly as the washer can also get stuck unless you reduce the amount of loads inside.

How To Fix

  • Ensure that the clothes inside the washing machine are not tightly packed and you should wash them one at a time in order for it to get washed thoroughly.
  • In addition to this, excessive big blankets or loads should be avoided at all times. If you are willing to wash your huge blankets, you should do it one at a time.

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You Are Using Too Much Detergent

Sometimes, using enough soap or detergent is among the ways of getting your clothes clean. You also need to be aware that too much detergent can also prevent your clothes from getting clean.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should add a little bit of soap during a cycle but ensure that it is of an average quantity and not in an excessive amount.

Using Incorrect Wash Setting

There are some procedures you need to consider while washing your clothes in a kenmore elite calypso washing machine. You should not just wash all types of clothes together, you need to separate them according to their size and some other characteristics.

Exterior part of kenmore elite calypso washing machine

How To Fix

Change and use a different wash setting on your washer if the clothes still keep getting unclean after all cycles.

Consider using different cycles depending on the type of clothes you want to get cleaned. Notice the label on your clothes to give you an idea about the wash settings.

Your Detergent Tray Is Clogged

The responsibility of the detergent tray is to introduce detergent into the washer drum via a small passage. If the detergent tray gets clogged or blocked, it would be really difficult for detergent to reach the drum.

In order to avoid issues like this you can simply add detergent directly into the washer drum without having to put them into the detergent tray.

Just ensure that you don’t use too much detergent as we’ve stated in other points above.

Your Washer Drum Is Not Agitating Properly

Another reason why your washing machine isn’t cleaning your clothes can be due to your washer drum not agitating properly.

Your washing machine needs to spin your clothes in order for it to get clean. If the washer drum that spins clothes is underperforming, there are a lot of faulty parts you need to check.

Spinning the interior of kenmore elite calypso

There might be a problem with the belt or lid switch which is preventing the motor from running in spin mode. Note that you can also replace the belt if it is of no use anymore, the washer will reset properly after this.

Kenmore Elite Calypso Washer Doesnt Clean Clothes – Final Thoughts

With the help of the extensive information on how to fix problems associated with your washing machine when the kenmore elite calypso washer doesnt clean clothes.

Below are some key fixing points you need to remember:

  • Check the drain pump if there are blockages.
  • Make sure the washer isn’t overloaded.
  • Ensure that you do not add more than enough detergent inside the drum.
  • Use the correct washing settings.
  • Clean the interior of the appliance and many more.
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