Samsung Washer Ub Code (Easy Fixes!)

Samsung Washer Ub Code

If you own a samsung washing machine, you may have encountered the ub error code at some point.

The samsung washer ub code display indicates that your washer is unbalanced or has an unbalanced load which prevents the drum from spinning properly.

Actually, it’s a common issue that most people experience. It’s usually caused by an overloaded drum, uneven loads, or probably some damaged components.

Good for you! Fixing this error code is very easy and it’s a straightforward DIY process which can easily be carried out at home.

If you want to know how to fix this problem, continue reading this in-depth article to find out.

What Does Samsung Washer Ub Code Mean?

This code means that the washer load is not stable or unbalanced. Often this can mean the appliance is not on an even surface or the laundry is not balanced in it.

“Ub” code would either blink or illuminate on the display screen when an unbalanced state is detected.

In some other Samsung washing machine models, it can be displayed as u6 error code. But it is implying the same problem.

How To Fix Ub Code On Samsung Washer? 

This particular error code can easily be resolved by rebalancing the load in the washer or checking that the washer is level.

Ub error code on samsung washer

However, if the error code persists, it might be caused by a defective part that will need to be replaced.

Here’s an overview of the causes of the problem.

  • Uneven loads in the washer
  • Excessive or undersized laundry loads
  • Abnormal water level
  • Washer is lopsided
  • Faulty internal components

#1. Excessive Or Undersized Laundry Load

Overloading the washer is one of the common things that can make the washer unbalanced. 

When excessive loads are placed in the drum or tub, it affects some components as it applies excess stress. 

But the unit pauses the wash cycle to prevent further damage.

In other cases, undersized laundry loads can also lead to your washer being unable to spin and results in lack of balance.

The laundry tends to accumulate on one side of the drum, putting the appliance off balance during a wash cycle and might show the ub error code.

How to fix?

To fix this issue, you need to reduce the amount of laundry you put in your washer. 

A good idea is to remove some bulky laundry items such as bed sheets, blankets, curtains, duvets, doonas or delicate and embellished clothes.

You can then proceed to wash these items separately.

  • So your washer is underloaded when the tub is ⅓ full and it tends to get overloaded when over ¾ full.
  • To find an accurate balance, we recommend that you fill the washer in the ½ full to ¾ full arena.

Doing this will ensure that your washer gets back to normal then you can reset and restart the washer.

The error code should be cleared after doing this. 

#2. Uneven loads in the washer

Even after finding the accurate balance between excessive and undersized loads in your washing machine. 

Uneven loads in the washer

A problem can still arise if the loads are not evenly distributed in the tub.

A sign of uneven distribution of weight is if you notice that the washer is shaking violently during spin cycle.

 intense shaking and loud sounds. 

Some washing machines are so smart that they can quickly detect when the load is not evenly distributed, which is why the error code is displayed.

How to fix?

What you need to do is check the distribution of laundry in the washing machine drum. 

This also usually happens if you’re washing one large item such as a pillow.

Correct the load if the laundry is stuck to one side or tangled. 

Another quick fix is to add or remove the laundries you think might be causing an unbalanced weight.

#3. Damaged Leveling Legs

Your washer leveling legs are very important for the overall stability of your washer, preventing lopsidedness and especially during a wash or spin cycle.

If these legs are either broken or damaged, it can cause the appliance to get unbalanced on the surface.

Washer levelling legs

Fortunately, you can easily detect bad leveling legs visually without any technical experience.

How to fix?

The leveling legs are usually located on the base of your washer and it doesn’t necessarily need dismantling to repair.

Follow the procedures to fix this problem.

  • With a flashlight, inspect the legs but looking for cracks or any missing legs.
  • Find the legs that are probably incorrectly adjusted.
  • If you see any signs of wear or damage, then you might need to remove and replace the affected legs.

#4. Faulty Internal Components

Note that some damages to internal components can also be a reason for the error code display.

But they’re not as common as others that have been previously highlighted above. 

As we continue, you should be aware that shock absorbers, suspension rods, straps, tub bearings and the control board are likely causes.

  • Faulty suspension rods – These components can also cause your washer to become unbalanced. It usually happens during the spin cycle if they’re damaged or worn out.

The suspension rods help support the tub and keep it balanced.

If the rods are not in a good condition or can no longer perform this function properly, it may cause the washer to display the Samsung ub error code. 

To fix this issue, you need to replace the faulty suspension rods.

  • Faulty water inlet hose – Your washer might not fill properly with water if the inlet hose is damaged. This can lead to inadequate water level and unbalanced load.

To fix this, you need to first switch off the inlet water shut-off valve and check all the inlet hoses for blockage or damage.

Remove any debris or replace the gauze filter if it’s damaged.

  • Damaged shock absorbers – If your samsung washer is a front-loading type, then you should have a shock absorber in it. Shock absorbers are basically for softening the movement of the drum and improving the effectiveness of your appliance.

A worn out shock absorber is not a common reason for the error code but it should be replaced if it’s damaged.

  • Tub bearings – The tub bearings is another potential reason why your washing machine might be unbalanced. This component is very important for keeping the inner tub of your washer spinning smoothly.

A Samsung washer ub code not spinning is usually caused by a defective tub bearing. 

It can interfere with the spin and balance of your washer which as a result leads to the ub code on samsung washer.

  • Defective control board – Sometimes, your washer’s control board often malfunction, trigger  and send incorrects signals. Whenever this happens, you tend to see displays of error codes or an unusual output from your washer.

This simply indicates that a faulty control board is another reason why your washer might be displaying the code.

In situations like this, you need to troubleshoot the washer by replacing the panel and board.

How To Reset Ub Code On Samsung Washer?

To reset your Samsung washing machine if there’s a glitch with the control board or after attempting the above fixing guides.

Here are the resetting procedures you can take to reset the code and get your washer back up and running.

Unplug and Restart the run a spin only cycle.

Try unplugging your washer from the electrical outlet. 

Doing this will help to clear any temporary glitches that may be resulting in the error code. 

Ensure to wait for a few minutes before plugging the washer back in. After doing this, run a spin only cycle while the washer is empty.

Final Thoughts on samsung washer ub code

Want to learn more information regarding your washing machine, we’ve got you covered.

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We hope you find this content helpful! Fixing the samsung washing machine ub code is really easy if you follow the detailed guide we highlighted above. Best regards!

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