Kenmore Washer Shaking Violently On Spin Cycle (2023 Fixes!)

Kenmore washer shakes violently on spin cycle

I’ve always wanted my washing machine to stay as quiet as possible everytime it spins. But it seems like it’s not actually that way at all. 

Does your new washing machine shakes violently just like mine? If your answer to this is yes, then I will be taking you through the process to put an end to this.

Most of the time, the main reasons why your kenmore washer shakes while spinning is due to the faulty suspension rod, stretched out counter-balance springs, defective ball bearing, damaged leveling legs, shock absorber, faulty spider support arm and many more.

Don’t worry, this is just an overview. I’ll be highlighting more information on the ways to tackle this problem as we move. 

Let’s get into it.

Why Does My Kenmore Washer Shakes Violently?

Basically, you need to be aware of the causes of the abnormal shaking of your appliance before attempting to even fix it. 

Here is a quick overview of the basic causes of a violently moving washing machine and a summarized way to solve each problem without hesitation.

Reasons For washing machine shaking violentlyQuick Fixes
Loose leveling legsAdjust the leveling legs.
Damaged ball bearingFind a replacement for the ball bearing.
Displaced spider support armReplace a damaged arm.
Faulty Suspension rodsReplace or fix the damaged suspension rod.
Damaged counter-balance sringsChange the springs.

Kenmore Series 500 Washer Shaking Violently On Spin Cycle

Now, I’ll be moving deeper into the details regarding these points and how to fix the problem step by step.

kenmore series 500 washer shaking violently on spin cycle

#1. Damaged Shock Absorber

If you have a front load washer, one of the reasons why your washer might be moving abnormally is the shock absorber. 

Note that shock absorbers are mostly common to front load washing machines, so if you are using a top loader, this might not really be a problem.

A broken shock absorber might affect the movement of the appliance during a spin cycle

How To Fix?

In order to stop your washer from moving violently while spinning, you need to inspect the shock absorber. Here’s how to do that below.

  • There are basically three to four absorbers that support the tub. Physically check to see if they’re damaged or any sign of oil leakage is noticed.
  • Detach the absorber and ensure that there’s resistance and it must not be moving easily.
  • The easy movement of the absorber definitely means it’s damaged and needs to be replaced.

#2. Broken Or Missing Rubber In Leveling Legs

The leveling legs is another reason why you are experiencing an aggressive movement from your washing machine. 

Sometimes the leveling legs or adjustable legs have locking nuts and rubber feets that hold them in place depending on your model.

Ensure your appliance is in good condition in order to stabilize the movement of the washer in a spinning cycle.

How To Fix?

These rubbers tend to wear out quickly if you have been using them for a long time.

  • Also make sure that the legs are balanced, you don’t want to have one of the four legs less screwed than the others.
  • Check the legs for any damages or missing rubber feet. If damaged, you might have to replace them.

#3. Damaged Counter-balance Springs

If you have perfectly fitted leveling legs with no issues, perhaps the counter-balance springs might be the reason why your washer is violently moving the machine back and forth.

Counter balance spring for washing machine

This is such an easy fix to do all by yourself at home.

How to fix?

Before inspecting the counter-balance springs, you should disconnect the appliance from the power source and close the hot and cold water tab.

  • Remove the top of the washing machine and its case entirely. You only need to remove some screws and you’re good to go.
  • Locate the springs, they’re usually hooked into the washer base and attach to the tub frame.  For some kenmore washer models, check the bottom until you find a spring that looks like the image above.
  • Visually inspect all the springs to see if they’re rusted, damaged or stretched out. If they’re damaged and rusted already, you should replace them in order to fix your washer.
  • Sometimes the springs might not be damaged but only got displaced from its originally drilled hole. You can just drill another hole beside the former if the previous hole has rusted out.

#4. Broken Spider Assembly Or Spider Support Arm

In case you don’t know what a spider support arm is, it’s basically a 3-arm component that holds the inner tub of your washing machine in place.

Therefore, if the washer is shaking and moving it could be that the spider arm is becoming faulty. 

In this case, you need to be able to check if this is the reason for your problem.

How To Fix?

First and foremost, unplug the appliance and spin the inner tub with your hand. If you perhaps hear a clicking noise, that might mean some part of the spider arm is broken.

This is one of the numerous ways to check if your washer is going out of balance during the spin cycle.

  • If you notice any damage to the outer tub or the inner tub is bouncing around, this could be another sign.
  • You might need to replace the spider support arm with a new one.

#5. The Ball Bearings Is Going Bad.

When you notice a loud shaking noise in your washer, the issue could be due to worn out tub bearings.

The main function of the tub bearing is to support the rotation of the drum and drive shaft.

Ball bearing in kenmore washer

For front loaders, the bearings are located at the rear of the outer tub while the bearing on top loaders can be found at the bottom of the outer tub.

Most washing machines usually use either a sleeve bearing or a ball bearing to support the drum.

How to Fix

You need to check if the ball bearing of your washer is going bad. This can be checked manually or require a little dismantling if you have the tools to do it.

  • For manual inspection, turn the inner tub with your hand to listen for any squeaking sound. This will tell you whether or not the bearings are turning properly.
  • However, you can also check it physically if the tub seal is leaking or water is getting into them. This might be what’s shortening the lifespan.
  • If the bearings is faulty, you’ll need to replace them.
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#6. Faulty Suspension Rods

This component suspension normally controls the vibrations and movement of the tub.

A very common reason why your front load washer shakes violently during spin cycle might be because of the suspension rods.

Suspension rod

However, suspension rods are mostly found on top load washers. If you push down on the tub and it bounces around instead of bouncing smoothly, then it’s damaged.

You can easily replace the suspension rods or get in touch with a serviceman to assist you.

Final Thoughts on new washing machine shakes violently

Most of the problems associated with your washing machine don’t really need buying a new appliance. 

If your kenmore front load washer shaking violently on spin cycle, you can utilize the aforementioned fixes in order to fix this problem. I hope this helps.

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  1. I had the same problem, and all I did took me a while to figure it out to spray the skid plate, and where all the pads are anything that moves spray it down with WD or a lubricant and it works fine

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