6 Reasons For Washing Machine Making Clicking Noise

Washing Machine Making Clicking Noise

I don’t usually condone any form of disturbance whenever I’m taking a deep nap.

But my wife totally forgot about this and disrupted my sleep in a bit of a panic.

I was slightly angered at first until I watch her describe how our 16 months old washing machine had transformed into an unexpected percussion instrument.

Click, click, click – it was like a drumline had set up shop in our laundry room.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Moreover, I saw it as another chance to put my technician skills to the test and save the day.

The main reason behind a washing machine making clicking noise is simply due to an object being stuck in the drain pump, the sound of a lid locking, worn-out drum bearing, broken drive pulley and a faulty drive motor. 

A Washing machine clicking noise normally occurs at the beginning of a cycle or during agitation. 

6 Quick Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Is Making Clicking Noise?

This section will give you a quick overview of the specific causes of washing machines making that kind of sound and the simple fixes you can try.

Reasons for washer clicking noiseQuick ways to fix
An object is stuck in the drain pumpRemove any foreign items found in the pump.
Sound of the lid lockingYou don’t any fixes, it’s probably your lid lock.
Defective drive beltInspect for faults or replace permanently.
Damaged tub bearingGet another drum or tub bearing.
Faulty drive motorInspect the component for signs of corrosion.
Excessive movement of the tubAlways use a balanced load or replace rubber damping straps/springs.

Washer Making Clicking Noise Won’t Spin

#1. Something got stuck in the washer drain pump

This is the most common reason for this kind of issue.

It is likely that a foreign object might be blocking the drain line, such items include the coins you forgot in the pocket of your clothes, buttons, needles, zips, lighters and many more.

Maytag washer making clicking noise

Objects like this can adversely damage your appliance and clothes, thank goodness this was indicated via the clicking sound.

How To Fix

You should be able to identify that the noise is coming from the pump.

So what you have to do to correct this is to pull the inlet hose off to see if something has been caught in the impeller.

  • However, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove any object you find inside the already detached drain pump.
  • Ensure that the impeller turns freely without after you must have gotten rid of any stuck objects.
  • Attach the drain pump back to your washing machine and the clicking noise will definitely be gone.

#2. The drive belt is defective

If you don’t notice any object getting caught in the drain pump, then the next action is to check for a broken drive belt.

The drive belt is an important washing machine assembly whose main responsibility is to connect the drive motor in order to spin the washer basket freely.

If this particular component gets damaged, you might begin to hear some clicking noise which indicates that the belt is defective.

Washing machine making clicking noise when agitating

How To Fix

First and foremost, you need to get to the belt and inspect the drive belt to see if you will find any sign of glazing or further damage.

Depending on your specific washer model, you might need to find a replacement for the belt if it is damaged.

It is probably the reason for your washing machine making a noise. 

#3. The sound of the lid locking

It is 100% normal for your washer to make noise at the beginning of a cycle and this is probably the sound of the lid locking.

You really don’t need to do anything about the noise if it’s the lid lock switch that’s sounding.

It would obviously go away with time.

#4. Your drive motor might be defective

Another very vital point that could be triggering a clicking noise inside your washing machine is perhaps the drive motor.

Whether your appliance is a top load or front load washing machine, mainly top load machines make use of a motor start capacitor.

The drive motor might need to be detached in order to be inspected.

There are technicians who can help you out with that.

How To Fix

Ensure that there is a good connection between the drive motor and the washer. 

  • You should be able to detect if there are any signs of corrosion or arcing on the terminals.
  • Inspect if the motor shaft turns freely or if there are any signs of overheating. 
  • A defective drive motor will need to be replaced if the clicking noise still keeps sounding.

#5. The drum or tub bearing is probably damaged or worn-out

Mainly, the tub bearing supports the rotation of the washer drum.

For most top load washers, they normally use two bearings with one secured to the bottom of the outer tube where transmissions enter the outer tub.

Tub or drum bearing

The other one can be found at the base of the transmission.

If water constantly gets in contact with the metal bearing, they eventually get absorbed and rust over time.

This might cause the bearing to get loose, damaged and thereby leading to a clicking noise. 

How To Fix

Get the bearing to be stable in its position and clean up the area where liquid can be spotted.

If they’re severely rust and damaged, remove and replace with new ones.

#6. Issues with the suspension system

The noise might persist if the suspension system is not in a good condition.

Most washing machines make use of a type of coil spring suspension free movement of the tub and other components.

An excessive movement of the tub could be another reason why the washer keeps making clicking noise without balancing and holding in place.


Find out if there are over stretched springs and replace them if they are damaged.

Some models use rubber damping straps instead, and get a replacement if found defective.

Use balanced loads at all times.

why is my washing machine making a clicking noise

Frequently Asked Questions!

Why is my washing machine clicking while agitating?

If your washer is making excessive noise during agitation, there are a number of reasons why this might be happening.

This is due to an object getting stuck inside the washer which is causing it to make a lot of noise while spinning.

Most of the time, all you have to do is look for the item that is blocking the agitation process and remove them.

That’s all, unless there are some other faulty components of the appliance.

Why does my washing machine lock keep clicking?

It is simply because the lid lock is broken. You might not be able to start the appliance if this part is damaged.

You need to replace the broken washing machine lock as soon as possible.

Closing Remarks

I hope with the above detailed information, I’ve been able to assist you with eliminating the washer clicking noise with ease.

In summary, what you need to do are as follows:

  • Remove any trapped objects in the pump.
  • Inspect the drive belt.
  • Replace the tub bearing if damaged.
  • Check out the drive motor.

There are several other guidelines on a washing machine stuck on sensing mode and washer sounding like an engine you should check out.

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  1. Also add.. clicking sound in synch with the speed of a Simpson front-loading washer
    Hand turning drum with power off produces same clicking noise
    Segment of the commutator in the motor had become displaced so the brushes hit the gap and click as they are spring loaded
    Check under the washer for the dislodged part … 2cm long metal strip
    You will need a new motor

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