Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn Off (Top Fixes In 2023)

Samsung dryer won't turn off

After a cycle has been completed on your samsung dryer, it’s totally normal if you notice that the light stays on even after you turn it off.

The problem only starts when you press the power button and the dryer panel refuses to turn off.

If you are experiencing an issue related to this, you have come to the right place to troubleshoot the problem.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the causes of this power issue and ways to fix it without spending a dime.

Why My Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn Off?

First things first, I’ll be highlighting the reasons why your Samsung dryer won’t turn off. 

Probably it’s due to an unintended activated lock mode or maybe a particular component is damaged on the inside. 

Actually the problem is as a result of the following listed reasons below.

  • Faulty Start button
  • Damaged door/relay switch
  • Clogged moisture sensor
  • Wrinkle prevent mode is on
  • Defective dryer timer
  • Faulty printed circuit Board (PCB)

#1. Faulty Start button

Just as the name entails. The start button is typically what you use to initiate a cycle or control the on/off of the dryer’s power.

If this particular button is stuck or malfunctioning, you might not be able to turn off your dryer.

If your dryer is an old one, there are higher chances that the start button can get stuck or damaged.

Because it doesn’t have a PCB or the button isn’t located on the PCB (Printed circuit board).

But in newer electric dryers models, this rarely happens because the Start button motor relay is simply on the PCB.

How to fix?

Whether or not you’re using an old or new dryer model. Here’s the way to troubleshoot the start button. It’s probably the reason you can turn off your dryer.

  • For older dryer models – Proceed to manually test the button to see if it’s stuck or damaged. You can use your hands for this! If you notice any damage you would have to replace only the button. If it’s stuck, try to make it budge or replace the entire control panel.
  • For newer dryer models – Most will usually have PCBs. So you should check if the start button motor relay is damaged before replacing the whole PCB.

Additionally, aside the start button itself. It’s possible that the start switch is the faulty one. 

You can locate the start switch on the dryer’s control panel by prying it away from its mounting bracket.

Now, clean the metal contact with the use of sandpaper – this would remove rust buildups and corrosion.

Next step is to check if there are any damages on it like broken pieces. If you find any cracks or displacements, you might need to get a new switch.

#2. Wrinkle prevent cycle is on

Samsung dryer won't turn off unless door is open

This is another reason why your Samsung dryer won’t shut off. What this cycle does is to keep your dried clothes wrinkle-free without ironing. 

During the cycle, your dryer would keep spinning and won’t turn off even if you try to, unless you open the door. (It intermittently turns the drum with no heat for up to 180 minutes)

How to fix?

  • Verify if wrinkle prevent is enabled – Firstly, you need to make sure you haven’t selected the Wrinkle Prevent or Wrinkle Release cycle. To verify whether your dryer is in Wrinkle prevent mode or not, you will see a scrolling rectangle on the display panel.
  • Try opening the dryer door – The wrinkle mode is mainly utilized for smoothing out wrinkles and reducing odors. It usually runs for about 3 hours. But opening the door midway would stop and alter the cycle.
  • Restart the dryer – It’s recommended that you also restart the appliance if it fails to turn off. Reset the power at the circuit breaker.  

You should be able to turn off the dryer after opening the door or resetting the dryer.

#3. Damaged door/motor relay switch

Most people really ignore this but the door switch actually plays a huge role in the proper functioning of your dryer.

It’s another potential reason why you may be finding it difficult to turn off the appliance. 

Some new Samsung dryers won’t start or stop if the door latch switch is broken.

Note that the motor relay on the control panel is also associated with this. If the motor relay is stuck in the “on” position, the control board won’t send a signal to stop the dryer.

This is a reason why your dryer stays on when it should turn off.

How to fix?

Before attempting to fix any of these problems, you need to disconnect the dryer from the socket outlet. 

  • Inspect the door switch – Check if you’d see any damages on the wire harness connected to the door switch assembly. Replace the damaged wires or detach the switch from the wirings and install a new one if it’s damaged.
  • Check for failed motor relay – Regarding the faulty motor relay on the control panel. All you need to do is locate the motor relay switch on the control board. It’s usually a black rectangular box. Then replace the components with the use of a soldering iron. 

If you don’t know how to use a soldering iron, you can decide to replace the entire control board instead. It comes with a new motor relay attached to it.

#4. Clogged moisture sensor

Why won't my samsung dryer turn off

You see that two bars inside your samsung dryer which are usually found in the lint filter housing? That’s the moisture sensor.

It basically serves to detect whether your clothes are wet or dry in the cycle. Signals would then be sent to the dryer to either initiate or maintain the drying cycle.

Your moisture sensors could be dirty, clogged or even damaged if the dryer isn’t turning off. 

How to fix?

Don’t be quick to replace the moisture sensor. Do this first. 

  • Get a soft cloth and a drop of mild soap. 
  • Gently wipe the sensor bar clean.
  • Now check if the sensor bar is free from moisture.
  • Lastly, towel dry for the second time again.

#5. Damaged Timer or PCB

Fix dryer not switching off

Most dryers make use of a mechanical timer while electric dryers utilize a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). 

They both work to regulate timed drying cycles but the one is more susceptible to damage than the other.

PCB easily gets faulty compared to a mechanical timer. Irrespective of that, they’re both a reason why your Samsung dryer isn’t turning off.

What you need to do is inspect the timer and PCB for any visible damages on the wirings and connections.

How To Fix?

  • For a mechanical timer – You’ll find the timer located behind the control panel. What you need to do is check for loose connections to the timer motor, then replace them respectively.
  • For dryers with printed circuit boards – Just like the mechanical timer above, check for damaged wirings, burns and loose connections. You might need to replace the PCB if it’s faulty.

Note that some of these fixes require dismantling a few parts of your dryer, like this top rear cover, control board and the back cover.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1: Samsung dryer won’t turn off unless door is open?

If your samsung dryer won’t shut off unless you open the door, the cause of the problem is likely the motor relay on the control board, an enabled anti-wrinkling feature or a stuck start button.

For instance, during the wrinkle prevent cycle – it smoothes out wrinkles on your dried clothes but will continue to rotate until the cycle is complete.

The cycle would only stop if the dryer door is opened. To solve the issue, what you need to do is turn off the anti-wrinkling function.

Replacing the motor relay on the control board can also help fix this problem.

Q2: Dryer does not turn off when door opens?

If your dryer doesn’t stop or turn off when you open the door, the component affected is likely the door switch.

You need to inspect the door switch for any physical damage and get a new replacement, if it appears to be broken.

Q3: How do I reset my samsung dryer that won’t stop running?

A simple reset can be carried out to stop your dryer that won’t stop running. Simply unplug or turn off power at the circuit breaker.

Wait for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes before powering it up again.


Have you been able to fix the problem strategically with our guidelines? Currently, you must be really feeling the comfort that comes with fixing your appliance all by yourself.

For more easy fixes like this one, check out other articles. We’ve got a whole lot to grab your attention.

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