Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Troubleshooting (8 Problems Solved!)

maytag bravos xl dryer troubleshooting

The troubleshooting process of your maytag bravos xl dryer is only expected to be carried out when the appliance begins to show sign of faults or malfunctions.

Maytag bravos xl dryer is without a doubt a quality dryer and very reliable appliance  which is used by a huge number of homeowners. 

Despite the high quality of the dryer, you might still experience issues while using it and this is where the troubleshooting procedures comes in.

In this content, I will be highlighting the important problems associated with maytag bravos dryer in addition to the possible causes and specific ways to fix each problems in detail.

Nonetheless, maytag bravos xl dryer troubleshooting guides is all about the lists of common dryer problems and approaches to solving them. 

A Brief Breakdown Of Maytag Bravos XI Dryer Troubleshooting Guide

A detailed dryer troubleshooting guides which contains a list of problems and solutions which will be analyzed in a tabular from in this section of the article. 

Dryer Fault Or ProblemPossible CausesSolutions Or Fixing Procedures
Dryer not heatingPower supply not properly connected. 
Tripped circuit breaker or damaged household fuse.
Closed supply line valve.Issue with dryer’s components such as thermostat, main control panel, thermistor and many more more.
The lint trap is probably blocked or there is a restriction in the ventilation unit.
Check if the circuit breaker is tripped and make sure you reset it.
Wash and clean the lint screen to remove blockages. 
If you are using a gas dryer, ensure that gas is being supplied to the appliance. 
Dryer not turning on or runningDoor latch not properly closed and secured. 
Due to incorrect supply of power to the dryer. 
Faulty dryer component. Main control not functioning properly. 
Using the wrong type of fuse. Not holding or pressing the power button correctly.
Ensure that you press or hold the start button for a few seconds. 
The door of the dryer must be firmly locked before running the appliance.
Check and inspect the dryer to see whether it’s tripped or not.
Make sure that circuit breaker is intact. 
It is recommended that you make use of a time-delay fuse.
Dryer making an unusual noise (Clicking, vibrating or thumping noise)Too many clothes in the dryer.
The gas valve is turned on or if the dryer hasn’t been used for quite a while.
If an object is stuck between the edges of the dryer drum.
If the water inlet valve is currently opened or turning on the dryer.
You should have the installation package of the appliance and ensure that it’s properly installed.
Try separating the items in the dryer in order to avoid unnecessary noises.
Wait for a while for the noise to stop if you are just using the dryer after being abandoned for a long time.
Dryer is not drying or probably takes too long to dry.The size of the exhaust vent is not the correct size. 
The lint screen is filled and blocked with lints.
The exhaust vent is clogged.
Make use of an exhaust pipe that has a correctly sized diameter.
Clean the lint screen and ensure that the exhaust hose is free from clogs.
The dryer needs to be leveled in order to dry properly. The content of the dryer such as clothes should not get in contact with the moisture sensor.
Dryer cycle time is shortThe sensor cycles are ending in time.
The load might not be contacting the sensor strips.
A defective or faulty moisture sensor
Broken or faulty drive belt.
Check if the moisture sensor of the dryer is working properly. 
Fix or replace the sensors if they are faulty.
Level the dryer and change the dryness level settings on sensor cycles.
Dryer is overheatingSome possible causes include faulty heating element, thermostat, and blocked bowel wheel.
Restricted airflow or blocked ventilation.
Knotted dryer cords.
Inspect the lint filter and make sure it’s empty.
Make sure the dryer cord doesn’t knot at all cost.
Replace the damaged part of the dryer.
Dryer loads are getting wrinkled and odors appear.The dryer is filled with loads.
Loads not properly removed from the dryer.
At the end of every cycle, ensure that the loads are removed from the dryer. 

Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Troubleshooting – The Most Common Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting Guide

I will only be going through a few common maytag bravos dryer problems which you can definitely implement our troubleshooting techniques in or to get it fixed. 

1. Dryer Making A Lot Of Noise

A noisy dryer is one of the most common dryer problems which is currently experienced by several dryer owners. 

opening maytag bravos dryer

Either your dryer making some kind of a rattle noise, beeping twice or perhaps it’s a coin noise, it seems to happen inside the dryer drum.

Those panels sometimes make a screeching noise or other times it could be like a metal-on-metal grinding noise as well.

  • This noise could be triggered whenever an object such as a coin gets stuck between the edges of the dryer drum or if the water inlet valve is open.
  • It could be caused by a rattling vent in the back of the appliance. If it is not connected securely sometimes this can rattle and make a noise that way. 
  • You will have to take the dryer apart and visually verify where the problem is unless it’s a rattling vent. That one you can actually fix without taking anything apart from the dryer off.

2. Blown Thermal Fuse Problem

Usually, the thermal fuse looks like a little oval white disc that is made out of plastic. 

There’s a few different styles out there and they can look a little bit different but for the most part they look just like a white little disc shape. 

top of maytag bravos xl dryer

Basically, the responsibility of the thermal fuse is to prevent the dryer from overheating. 

  • If your maytag bravos xl dryer dryer is getting too hot the thermal fuse is almost like a little safety switch that will shut the dryer off to prevent any dryer or house fires caused by the appliance. 
  • If you forget to clean up in your LED screen, that will definitely slow down or restrict your airflow.
  • The thermal fuse should be replaced if it begins to affect the dryer directly.

3. Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Is Overheating

If your dryer is constantly getting hot during a cycle, there are some few troubleshootings you can actually carry out.

First and foremost, the cause of this problem is simply the dryer cords. When the cords are getting knotted all the time, it might begin to affect the dryer. 

Some other related possible causes include faulty heating element, thermostat, blocked bowel wheel and many more. 

maytag bravos dryer troubleshooting
  • In other words, a quick troubleshooting procedure which you can apply to the appliance is to inspect the lint filter and ensure it’s empty. 
  • Replace any faulty component of the dryer (heating element, thermostat). 
  • Find and locate any substance or object that is probably obstructing or blocking the bowel wheel.
  • Make sure the dryer cord doesn’t knot at all cost.

4. Dryer Cycle Time Is Short Problem

This is perhaps another issue that might be affecting your dryer which needs immediate troubleshooting attention. If the dryer cycle time is short, it could be because the  sensor cycles are ending in time or due to a broken drive belt.

A faulty moisture sensor might also be a cause in addition to the load not getting in contact with the sensor strips.

  • Simply attempt to level the dryer and change the dryness level settings on sensor cycles.
  • Check if the moisture sensor of the dryer is working properly. 
  • Fix or replace the sensors if they are faulty.

5. Dryer Gas Valve Coils Problem

These little gassed off coils are just two black cylindrical shaped coils plastic housing that goes on top of a gas valve. 

When they’re energized they’re the ones that open up the gas valve and allow the gas to come through.

maytag bravos xl dryer problems

So what happens is with time those little gas valve coils, they become really weak or altogether just shut off and stop working. 

  • Whenever this happens, it is accompanied by a little chattering sound so if you ever hear your dryer rattling or clunky really quickly or a loud chatter after the dryer starts to spin. 
  • That is most likely weak gas valve coils and you do need a replacement.
  • Other times, it will seem like the dryer will start normally then after a while, it just completely stops heating and you know when you go to take out your clothes they’re all still damp and cool.

At this point you get mad and you’re wondering what the heck is going on. 

That is probably weak gas valve coils as well and if the gas valve coils are dead altogether, then the flames on your gas dryer are not gonna light at all. 

6. Dryer Restricted Venting

This is another common maytag bravos xl dryer problem which you should definitely be aware of in the troubleshooting guides and procedures. 

maytag bravos dryer

Especially if you have a really long vent run meaning your vent pipe is flexible or solid. 

I mean it’s something like 30 or 40 feet, it takes a lot of work to get across you know your whole basement, your laundry room to get to the other side of the house.

  • A lot of times these long vents often get restricted, you really should get your dryer vent cleaned especially if you have a long one. 
  • Cleaning should be done regularly or a couple of years, otherwise a lot of lint and debris that gets past the lint screen ends up in your vent pipe and with time that builds up and restricts the air flow.
  • A lot of times a restricted vent will be accompanied by a trip thermal fuse as well. 
  • There’s a good chance that you’re having an issue with air flow and a lot of times that is caused by the vent having a lot of crap in it.
  • However, this is pretty easy to access so you can actually pull it out yourself and disconnect the vent from the back of the dryer, a lot of times the most accumulation happens right in the back.
  • There you can take those tapes off after your event and take your piping apart, vacuum the craps out or take a long crush and just brush it out.

7. Clogged Or Damaged Lint Screen

So the lint screen also does get damaged a lot of times, the frame around it the plastic frame is gonna be the one that’s all busted up or cracked. 

Perhaps the lint screen will have holes in it or some tears for some reason, maybe a hair pin or something got through.

  • It is clogged almost every time and this is because of you know those fabric softener sheets that feel really waxy. 
  • If people use a lot of those with time, the wax tends to come off of them and they tend to plug up that lint screen and that restricts the air flow.
  • You can either try to clean it up, soak it and brush off all that wax or just replace that lint screen altogether. 

8. Dryer Bad Heating Element 

This applies only to electric dryers but the heating element just like any other component of a dryer.

With time it fails to work properly, so if you take your dryer apart, you find the heating element.

maytag bravos dryer not on
  • You’re actually going to see one of those electrical coils, the heating itself that heats up a lot of times it will be actually broken.
  • You will also see a wire dangling or there will be some spot where it is perhaps burnt out and you can visually verify that that heating element is bad even without using a meter.
  • Replacing a heating element is the accurate solution to this problem. A wiring diagram could be helpful in situations like this . That’s probably all you need in order to troubleshoot the maytag bravos xl dryer regarding a damaged heating element.

Final Thoughts….

Hopefully, It’s clear that in many cases troubleshooting of your maytag bravos xl dryer does not necessarily need a professional or repairman.

I hope I’ve shown you how easy it is to detect your dryer in addition to how to troubleshoot the appliance. 

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