Do Gas Dryers Have Pilot Lights? (Answered!)

Do Gas Dryers Have Pilot Lights

Home appliances has evolved and become more efficient in terms of use over the years.

For instance, a dryer that takes a long period of time and energy to carry out certain laundries can be done in a shorter period of time today.

If you are looking for an answer to whether or not a gas dryer has a pilot light, be rest assured that we will provide you with a detailed answer to that in this article below.

Pilot Lights are only present in old models of gas dryers. The current models and brands of gas dryers are manufactured with a more advanced method of ignition which is known as the electrical ignition systems.

Unless you have a gas dryer that was manufactured earlier before 1970, it’s unlikely you would find a pilot light in recently-made appliances of this modern world.

We will be taking a broader look at this specific topic in the content below

Does A Gas Dryer Have A Pilot Light?

Perhaps you are acquainted with just little information regarding Pilot Lights.

A pilot light is a small flame that serves as a source of ignition for a gas burner in a dryer, it’s expected to be constantly kept alight whether it’s needed or not.

Gas dryers are no longer designed with pilot lights anymore.

The modern day gas dryers are now more efficient and less consuming as they come with electrically heated ignitions for safety purposes.

Dryers that has a pilot light ignition system were manufactured between the early 1970s towards late 1990s.

As of today, they’ve been fished out and replaced with new models that now has electrical ignition system.

This electrical ignition system used by new models is quite different and safety cautious compared to outdated pilot lights.

Instead of constantly re-lighting pilot lights, the dryer’s electric ignition is triggered by electricity while the gas results in the flame.

In terms of old dryers that comes with pilot light which are always active even when they’re not needed. The current electric ignition method is only triggered when needed.

pilot light on gas dryer

What Are The Advantage Of Electrical Ignition System Over Pilot Lights?

Gas dryer’s electric ignition system is more advanced and effective compared to pilot lights.

You don’t necessarily have to worry about re-lighting your dryer as this will be done automatically via electric currents triggered by the appliance.

One of the advantage of having a dryer designed with electrical ignition system is the benefit of consuming less energy.

Pilot Lights are also constantly lit even when not in use, so directly consuming more and excessive amount of energy. 

They’re are really energy-inefficient and this is one of the reasons why they are no longer available in many countries and states, especially in the U.S. 

The fact that pilot lights requires having open and naked flames should give you a clue why electrical ignition is better.

This is quite dangerous for many households as the release of gas can result in fire outbreaks and many more hazards.

Electrical ignition system also requires creating open flames but it’s quite different from pilot lights in the sense that it’s not always on constantly.

We have drafted a tabular representation of why electronic ignition replaced pilot lights.

Electronic Ignition SystemOld-Fashioned Pilot Lights
1This uses an electric current to produce ignition heat as the flame is triggered and fueled by gas.It’s required to be continuously re-lit from time to time.
2This system only responds when needed and no open flames.Pilot lights have open flames lit 24/7 even when the not in need by the dryer.
3Electrical ignition system conserves and uses less energy.Pilot Lights consumes more and excessive energy.
4Electrical ignition system don’t usually results in explosions compares to pilot lights.Pilot Lights can easily lead to gas leaks and fire outbreaks.

How Do I Know If My Gas Dryer Has a Pilot Light?

There are still several gas dryers around with a pilot light but you just might not know yet unless you check.

You can easily check if your gas dryer has this ignition component in it.

How Do I Know If My Gas Dryer Has a Pilot Light

For most gas dryer models that were manufactured between 1970 to 1990, it’s very possible they’ve pilot lights.

Follow the procedures below to know if your gas dryer has a pilot light.

  • First and foremost, you should unplug your dryer from the socket or power source. This is very important in order to avoid electric shocks.
  • Slightly move the dryer forward towards your direction as you change its actual position.
  • Then you need to take out the panel from the front of the dryer by removing some screws.
  • Locate the burner tube assembly which houses the pilot light. It’s most likely inside the bottom of your dryer. 

Exactly at this spot, you would be able to know whether or not your gas dryer has a pilot light. If it doesn’t, an electric ignitor will be found instead of a pilot light.

Note that this process typically depends on your dryer’s model and brand.

The specific way to locate a pilot light might differ depending on every dryer model.

Procedures to Light the Gas Pilot Light on a Gas Dryer?

Unlike the electrical ignition system, pilot lights are required to be re-lit constantly and this process can be carried out via these step-by-step guidelines.

  1. Locate the gas valve by following the gas line to the base of your dryer.
  1. In order to get access to the gas valve, you need to remove the panel from the front of your dryer.
  1. Now, you should proceed with lighting the pilot light by locating the gas control which is positioned to the front of the gas valve. (It’s a big, red-colored Knob)
  1. On the big red knob, there are 3 different marks which you can adjust the direction to. (On, Off and Pilot).
  1. Adjust and turn the red knob to stay on the “Off” mark as you can wait for at least five to ten minutes to clear out residual gasses.
  1. Turn the knob to the “pilot” mark as you hold and light the pilot light. Let the knob stay in this position for 30 seconds in order to heat up. Return the knob back to “On” position then you’re good to go.
does gas dryer have a pilot light

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a gas dryer have a pilot light or automatic light?

Most gas dryers are no longer manufactured with continuously burning pilot lights anymore.

They have been replaced with an electrical ignition system which is also referred to as automatic light. 

These modern day methods are now used to ignite the gas burner. 

Does a whirlpool gas dryer have a pilot light?

Gas dryers generally make use of natural gas or propane to generate heat to dry your laundry.

You might come across a pilot light in your whirlpool dryer if it’s an old model from the mid 19s. 

Newly designed whirlpool dryers rather use electrical ignitions which they’re manufactured with irrespective of the models.

Final Thoughts

We hope your question has been thoroughly answered with the solid information highlighted in the article above. In summary, pilot lights can only be found in Old dryers while new ones use electric igniters.

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