How To Remove Tough Shower Stains

My daughter’s roomies recently moved out of the room, they left the room totally disoriented and the condition of the shower was so bad that we initially thought of suing her roommates. But that won’t be a nice thing to do, would it? (lol).

We had to come up with a solution to get rid of the stain without damaging the bathroom surfaces and tiles. To be honest, i actually don’t know how the tiles and grout are still so clean while the floor is extremely rotten. But, it’s a good thing actually, so i can pay full attention to the bottom surfaces of the shower.

Here are the methods that worked for us below.

  1. Using Bar Keepers Friend
  2. Using an Oven cleaner and a magic eraser got it spotless. Then treated it with carnauba wax.
  3. Using Baking soda + Vinegar + Hot water

How To Use Bar Keepers Friend To Remove Tough Shower Stains

I made some enquiries about this product online and from some folks i know personally and they testified that this method works magic. We decided to use it and it was just as they said. You must have used Bar Keepers Friend to clean a scorched pan once without knowing it also works for other stuffs too.

It’s actually a versatile cleaning product known for its effectiveness in removing tough stains, rust, and grime. Here’s how we used it effectively.

  1. Begin by wetting the surface of the shower.
  2. Then sprinkle BKF powder directly onto the dirty areas of the shower and allow it to sit for a few hours. Generally, the manufacturers recommend not to leave for longer than ONE MINUTE. But that’s for metal surfaces , plastic or porcelain. In our case, we let it sit for several hours – you can even leave it overnight if you want.
  3. Next, use a strong plastic scrub brush or electric scrubber to scrub the surface thoroughly.
  4. Rinse the shower thoroughly with water to remove all traces of the cleaner.

The dirty stains came off after doing this!

TIP: Don’t be a Mixologist! lol Don’t mix BKF with any other product like bleach or ammonia as this can create toxic fumes which could be very dangerous.

How To Use an Oven cleaner To Remove Tough Shower Stains

Yes! This is another method that works too, it now boils down to you to choose the one that works best depending on your situation and degree of stain. Oven cleaner is a powerful degreaser that can effectively remove built-up grime and grease from surfaces. Follow the simplified steps below.

  1. Just spray the oven cleaner onto the dirty areas of the shower, ensuring thorough coverage. We used regular easy-off heavy duty oven cleaner, you can get one for cheap on amazon.
  2. Allow the cleaner to sit for some hours.
  3. Use a magic eraser or scrubbing pad to gently scrub the surfaces, focusing on stubborn stains and grime.
  4. Rinse the shower thoroughly with water to remove all traces of the cleaner.
  5. Once the shower is clean and dry, treat with carnauba wax using an applicator pad. Buff the waxed surface with a soft cloth to achieve a glossy shine.

Your shower should be looking sparkling clean, people might even think you replaced it.

Using Baking soda + Vinegar + Hot water To Remove Tough Shower Stains

Hot water spray for a good long time to soften up all the gunk. Bleach to kill anything and everything. And then a paste made from dish soap and baking soda for scrubbing.

Dish soap is really good at cutting through gunk and soap scum. The baking soda just helps add abrasion. Generally, you want to start from the top and work your way down, but maybe deal with the drain first.

These are the tips and methods that helped us get rid of the shower stains! Do you any other tips or methods you use? Kindly share them with us please.

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