25 Privacy Fence Ideas That Cost Next to Nothing to Build

When it comes to adding some privacy and separation to your outdoor space, a fence is an obvious solution. But let’s be real – quality fencing can get pricey fast.

If you are someone who is both budget-conscious and loves a good DIY project, then you would like some ultra-affordable fence ideas that won’t break the bank.

From repurposing unexpected materials to getting creative with basic supplies from the hardware store, these cheap fence options will let you carve out your own private oasis without denting your wallet.

Let’s dive into cost-effective ways to add a fence to your yard!

1. Corrugated Metal Panels

Give your yard a modern industrial edge by creating a fence out of inexpensive corrugated metal panels. The ribbed texture adds visual interest while providing privacy.

2. Bamboo Fencing

For an affordable way to get that tropical vacation vibe, install rolled bamboo fencing. It’s an inexpensive, eco-friendly option that provides shade and seclusion.

3. Pallet Fence

Upcycle wood shipping pallets into a rustic DIY fence! This is an essentially free option if you can source pallets from businesses or construction sites.

4. Lattice Fence

Classic lattice fencing, made from interwoven wood strips, is both budget-friendly and stylish. Trellis plants up the sides for extra privacy and charm.

5. Cattle Panel Fence

Cattle wire panels from the farm supply store make for an affordable, semi-private fence. Dress them up by strategically hanging planters along the wire grid.

6. Woven Branch Fence

Gather fallen tree branches or vines and weave them together for a completely free and utterly unique garden fence with a whimsical, natural look.

7. Slab Wood Fence

Source inexpensive wood slabs or log cuts from a local sawmill, then install them horizontally to create a modern privacy fence on a budget.

8. Picket Fence From Pallets

Transform wood pallets into a charming picket-style fence with some disassembling and reinstalling of the planks between posts.

9. Garden Fence From Reclaimed Doors

Salvaged wood or glass panel doors can be repurposed into a characterful garden fence with architectural interest galore.

10. Hog Wire Fence

Inexpensive hog wire fencing (typically used for animal enclosures) provides a budget-friendly semi-privacy option that’s easy to install.

11. Recycled Wood Fence

Check with local construction sites or architectural salvage shops for inexpensive “old wood” that you can turn into a rustic, distressed wood fence.

12. Aluminum Corrugated Panels

More affordable than traditional wood fencing, metal corrugated panels in aluminum make a sleek, modern privacy screen.

13. Rope Fence

For a simple yet visually interesting way to delineate spaces, stretch affordable rope or thick twine between posts to form a DIY rope fence.

14. Cedar Fence From Pallets

Cedar wood pallets can often be found inexpensively online or at shipping yards. Dismantle and repurpose them into an aromatic DIY cedar fence.

15. PVC Pipe & Lattice Fence

An unconventional and cheap fencing option – connect PVC pipes with lattice sections using zip ties to form a simple enclosure.

16. Repurposed Shutters Fence

Scour thrift stores, flea markets or online for discounted old shutters you can install vertically to create a rustic, repurposed fence.

17. Vinyl Siding Fence

For siding leftover from exterior house projects, turn the excess vinyl pieces into a sleek, modern privacy fence at little cost.

18. Recycled Pallet & Wire Fence

Nail wood pallets horizontally along metal fenceposts or woven wire for an easy, inexpensive fence option with farmhouse flair.

19. Split Rail Cedar Fence

A traditional split rail cedar fence is beautiful yet ultra-affordable, especially if you DIY it using rough-cut cedar logs.

20. Metal Buckets as Fence Posts

Turn basic galvanized metal buckets into cheap DIY fence posts by filling them with concrete and installing rebar or wood rails between them.

21. Post and Bamboo Pole Fence

Affix inexpensive bamboo poles or wooden dowels horizontally between wooden fence posts for a simple, textured privacy screen.

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