30 Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars are glass jars with wide openings.

They were first used to store food like jams and jellies. But now people use them to make fun crafts too! Mason jars are inexpensive and easy to decorate in many creative ways.

In this article, you will find 30 great ideas for crafting with mason jars. The projects include things like vases, lanterns, and even crafts for kids. With some simple supplies like paint, ribbons, and glue, you can transform ordinary mason jars into beautiful decorations for your home.

The step-by-step instructions make the crafts easy for anyone to do. Get ready to re-use and re-purpose those mason jars lying around your house!

1. Painted Mason Jar Vases

Turn plain jars into colorful vases with some acrylic paint and creativity. Paint designs, ombre effects or solid colors for bright vase options.

2. Mason Jar Lanterns

Place a candle inside and punch holes in the lid to let light shine through for a rustic outdoor lantern.

3. Bathroom Toothbrush Organizer

You can actually declutter your bathroom with this Mason Jar. It’s a goo idea for what It’s being utilized for.

4. Salad in a Jar

Pack layers of fresh salad ingredients in ajar for grab-and-go lunches. Dressing goes in last.

5. Firefly Mason Jar

Make tiny holes in the lid and sides of the jar. Add a glow stick inside for a cool nightlight.

6. Snow Globe Jars

Fill partway with distilled water and glitter, add a small figurine, seal the lid for a shaky snow globe scene.

7. Herb Garden Jars

Fill jars with potting soil and plant herbs like basil, mint or oregano for a windowsill garden.

8. Kitchen Organizers

Remove labels and spray paint jars to hold some kitchen utensils such as sharpener, spatula, spoons, forks, and so on.

9. Memory Jars

Fill with mementos like tickets, shells or photos. Write descriptions on the outside with a marker.

10. Utensil Holders

Decorate jars with paint, glue on embellishments or wrap with twine to hold eating utensils.

11. Teachers’ Jars

Students can decorate jars and teachers can store supplies like pencils, scissors and glue sticks.

12. Candle Holders

Place a votive or tea light candle inside a clean, empty mason jar for simple ambiance.

13. Terrarium Jars

Layer gravel, soil and tiny plants like succulents or air plants in the jar for a mini garden.

14. Piggy Banks

Remove labels, spray paint and cut a slot in the lid to use as a coin bank for kids.

15. Glitter Mason Jars

Coat the outside with glue and pour on glitter for sparkly vases or desk organizers.

16. Tinted Mason Jar Vases

Add a few drops of food coloring to the inside of clean jars and fill with water. The tint will make flowers and greens pop inside. Use different shades like blue, green or pink for variety.

You can make these vases even more decorative by tying a ribbon around the neck of the jar or gluing on fake gems or seashells.

17. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Remove the lid and use a glass drill bit to make a hole in the lid for a soap pump dispenser top. Paint or decoupage the jar for a stylish bathroom addition.

For an extra touch, use chalk paint and write fun labels like “Soap” or “Hand Wash” on the jar.

18. Layered Brownie Jars

In a wide mouth pint jar, layer brownie ingredients like brownie mix, chocolate chips, nuts and a mini whisk. Attach baking instructions for a neat gift.

You can use mason jars for lots of other baked goods too like pancake, cookie or bread mixes. Get creative with the labels and ingredients.

19. Drawer Knob Jars

Remove the inner lid piece and glue upside-down jar rims onto wooden plaques. Screw the jars onto the plaque for unique drawer pulls.

Play with paints and embellishments like rope or twine to match different decor styles.

20. Photo Jars

Fill a jar three-quarters with clear glass pebbles or marbles. Print favorite photos to slide inside, creating a photo collage viewable through the glass.

You can make these with vacation shots, baby pictures or themed photos like a nature collection.

21. Oil Lamps

With a hole punched in the lid and a cotton rope as the wick, mason jars can be used for rustic oil lamps. Use lamp oil and rotate the jar to keep the wick lit.

Set clusters of these canned lamp lights outdoors on the patio or indoors for ambient mood lighting.

22. Wind Chimes

Remove the inner lid piece then tie string, leather or beads through the hole atthe jar’s neck, attaching the jar to a wood or metal hanger. Decorate with paint or dangling ornaments.

Cluster together mason jars of different sizes for a pretty, tinkling backyard wind chime.

23. Shaker Jars

Glue a large plastic toy character or figurine to the inside of a mason jar lid. Fill the jar with beads, rice or beans to shake.

Decorate these musical jars for fun homemade toddler toys. They’ll love shaking them up and hearing the noise!

24. Bird Feeders

Remove labels and spray paint the outside of jars in cheery colors or patterns. Punch holes in the lid to allow a birdseed dispensing spout.

Hang them from trees or place birdseed inside and watch feathered visitors stop for a snack.

25. Butterfly Houses

Create a home for butterflies by punching air holes in the lid and sides of a mason jar. Add some sticks and bark inside for places to land.

Hang a few in your garden and butterflies may stop by to roost. This is a great project for kids!

26. Mason Jar Chandeliers

Attach lids and hangers to mason jars of varying sizes and suspend them all together for a trendy hanging light fixture.

Add votive candles or strings of lights to illuminate this unique upcycled chandelier.

27. Citronella Candles

For outdoor entertaining, make natural bug repellent candles by filling jars with citronella oil and a wick. The scent wards off pesky mosquitos.

Decorate the jars with paint, washi tape or scrapbook paper for a festive accent on the patio.

28. Hot Chocolate Mix Jars

Layer your favorite hot cocoa ingredients like powdered milk, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings and mini marshmallows in mason jars.

Add a cute tag with mixing directions for an easy homemade gift during the winter holidays.

29. Mini Bouquet Jars

For pretty spring decor, pick fresh wildflowers or blooms and arrange them in half-pint or smaller jelly jars.

Line them up as a simple centerpiece or cluster several sizes together on a tray or windowsill.

30. Hair Accessories Jars

Decorate larger mason jars for bathroom storage by painting or distressing them. Use for holding hair ties, headbands and clips.

Get creative by adding chalkboard paint and writing fun labels on the jars.

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