20 DIY IKEA Hacks to Transform Your Space

Are you tired of feeling like you’re living in a cluttered closet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Many of us struggle with making the most of our small living spaces and fortunately we’ve got you covered with some ingenious IKEA hacks to help you reclaim your space and bring order to the chaos.

From maximizing vertical storage to creating multifunctional furniture, we’ll explore practical solutions that won’t break the bank.

So, if you’re ready to transform your cramped quarters into a functional and stylish oasis, keep reading. With these IKEA hacks, you’ll soon be on your way to a clutter-free and serene living space that you’ll love coming home to.

1. Sneak in a Get-Ready Station

Install floating shelves near your entryway or in your bedroom. These shelves provide a handy spot to place your everyday essentials like keys, sunglasses, and mail. Choose shelves with hooks underneath for hanging coats or bags.

Also, hang a wall organizer with pockets or hooks to keep smaller items like chargers, headphones, and lip balm within easy reach.

Invest in a mirror that doubles as storage. Mirrors with built-in shelves or cabinets, perfect for storing cosmetics, hair accessories, and grooming tools are great.

Mount it on the wall near your get-ready station for quick touch-ups before heading out the door.

2. Consider Installing a Sleek Office Organize

Struggling to keep your workspace tidy in your small home office or study nook? Transform your cluttered desk into a sleek and efficient workspace with an IKEA office organizer.

Start by investing in a desk organizer. Look for one with compartments or drawers to keep pens, pencils, notepads, and other office supplies neatly stored and easily accessible.

Opt for a compact organizer that won’t take up too much precious desk space. Maximize vertical space by installing a wall-mounted file holder above your desk.

3. Create an Itty-Bitty Built-In

By adding leather handles and a wooden top, this narrow cabinet becomes the ideal solution for a tiny kitchen.

Despite being only seven inches deep, it efficiently holds essentials like computers, keys, and even cat food, maximizing utility without occupying valuable kitchen space.

This clever hack demonstrates how IKEA products can be customized to meet the specific needs of small living spaces, turning unused areas into functional and stylish storage solutions.

4. Seating With Hidden Storage

One clever approach is to invest in an ottoman with built-in storage. These multifunctional pieces of furniture not only provide comfortable seating but also offer concealed storage space underneath.

With options featuring removable tops or hinged lids, you can easily access stored items such as blankets, pillows, or magazines.

Another practical solution is to incorporate storage benches into your home decor.

These benches serve a dual purpose, offering both seating and discreet storage compartments beneath the seat.

Placing them in your entryway or living room allows you to neatly store shoes, bags, or seasonal items while providing a convenient spot to sit.

5. Create dual-function hidden storage

Transforming IKEA’s affordable full-length mirrors into dual-functioning pieces, you can seamlessly combine style with practicality.

Here’s how:

By constructing a small frame behind the mirror and adding hinges to the mirror itself, you can convert it into a discreet storage compartment. This innovative hack turns an ordinary mirror into a slim jewelry storage unit, providing a hidden space to organize and store your accessories.

This dual-function hidden storage solution not only maximizes the utility of your mirror but also helps declutter your space by offering a designated spot for your jewelry collection.

6. Install narrow cabinets or shelves above the door frame

Make the most of every inch of vertical space in your small room by squeezing in cabinets above your door frame.

This ingenious hack utilizes often-overlooked space to provide additional storage without encroaching on your floor area.

Install narrow cabinets or shelves above the door frame to create a discreet storage solution that blends seamlessly with your room’s decor. IKEA offers a range of slimline cabinet options that are perfect for this purpose.

These cabinets can be used to store items such as extra linens, seasonal clothing, or decorative accessories, keeping them out of sight yet easily accessible when needed.

7. Utilize vertical storage options

When space is tight, think vertically for efficient book storage solutions. Rather than taking up valuable floor space with traditional bookshelves, consider utilizing vertical storage options to make the most of your room’s height.

IKEA offers a variety of wall-mounted shelves and bookcases designed to maximize vertical space. Install floating shelves above desks or along empty walls to create stylish display areas for your favorite reads.

These shelves not only free up floor space but also add visual interest to your room.

For larger book collections, consider investing in tall bookcases that reach up to the ceiling. IKEA’s modular bookcase systems allow you to customize the height and configuration to suit your space.

8. Use a monochrome color scheme to your advantage

Leverage the power of a monochrome color scheme to maximize the visual spaciousness of your small living space. By sticking to a single color palette throughout your room, you can create a sense of cohesion and openness, making the area feel larger and more harmonious.

Embrace shades of white, cream, or light gray for walls, furniture, and decor to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

These neutral tones reflect light, helping to bounce it around the room and create a sense of expansiveness.

9. Use Slimline Shoe Storage

This hack is all about creating a sleek and stylish storage solution for your shoes using slimline furniture from IKEA.

Instead of bulky shoe racks that take up a lot of space, you can use narrow pieces of furniture like bookshelves or cabinets from IKEA to store your shoes neatly.

10. Turn shelves into storage-rich walls

Turning shelves into storage-rich “walls” is a smart way to maximize space in small areas. Instead of just using shelves for displaying items, you can create a wall of shelves that serves as both storage and decoration.

Here’s how it works: Instead of using just one or two shelves on a wall, you can install multiple shelves vertically from floor to ceiling or horizontally across a wall.

This creates a lot of storage space while still keeping the room feeling open and airy.

11. Create a double-duty bedside table and reading nook

Creating a double-duty bedside table and reading nook is a clever way to make the most of limited space in a bedroom. Here’s how to do it:

Start with a small bedside table from IKEA, like the “RASKOG” utility cart or the “LACK” wall shelf. These pieces are compact and versatile, making them perfect for small spaces.

Next, position the bedside table next to your bed, but instead of just using it for holding a lamp or your phone, turn it into a cozy reading nook as well.

Add a comfortable chair or even a small bean bag next to the bedside table. This provides a comfortable spot to sit and read, turning your bedside area into a multi-functional space.

To complete the reading nook, add a soft throw blanket and some fluffy pillows to make the space inviting and comfortable. You can also include a small bookshelf or magazine rack nearby to store your favorite books and magazines.

12. Hang BOHO-STYLE Hallway Storage With A BESTÅ hack

Creating boho-style hallway storage with a BESTÅ hack is a fantastic way to add personality and functionality to your home’s entryway or hallway. Here’s how you can do it:

Start with IKEA’s BESTÅ storage system, which consists of cabinets and shelves that you can mix and match to create a customized storage solution.

To give it a boho vibe, consider adding some unique touches like rattan or wicker baskets, colorful tapestries, or macrame wall hangings. These elements will add texture and warmth to the storage unit, giving it that bohemian feel.

13. Craft Custom built-in for a small home office

Crafting custom built-ins for a small home office is another smart way to maximize space and create a functional workspace tailored to your needs.

Take measurements of your home office to determine the available space for your built-ins.

Think about how you want to use the space and what storage solutions are essential for your home office.

Select high-quality materials for your built-ins that will complement the style of your home office. Options like plywood, MDF, or solid wood.

Build and customize.

14. Scandi-style tall dining room cabinet

Creating a Scandi-style tall dining room cabinet with IKEA IVAR is a simple and stylish way to add storage to your space.

Start by assembling the IVAR cabinet system, choosing the components that suit your needs. Customize the look by painting or staining the wood in light, natural tones or crisp white for a classic Scandinavian feel.

Add doors for a streamlined appearance, choosing from options like solid, glass, or mesh doors.

15. Construct a beautiful ‘MARBLE’ BREAKFAST bar with ikea kitchen countertops

The marble breakfast bar, adorned with IKEA kitchen countertops, exudes an air of sophistication and modernity. Its smooth, veined surface captures the timeless elegance of marble, elevating the aesthetic of the kitchen space. The sleek, minimalist design seamlessly integrates into the room, offering both practicality and refined style.

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