33 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Rock Style and Storage

Look, we all know the bathroom is a sacred space. It’s where we go to prepare ourselves for the day ahead or unwind after a long one.

But let’s be real – how many of us have actually put thought into making our bathroom vanities a little…extra? That’s right, I’m talking about turning those bland, builder-grade cabinets into something that sparks joy every time you step into the room.

From modern marvels to vintage vibes, I’ve got 30 ideas that’ll have you saying “Who knew vanities could be so vain-tastic?”

So grab your tools (and maybe a hard hat), because we’re about to renovate your way into vanity vanity land!

1. Double Trouble

Why have one vanity when you can have two? Double vanities are an absolute game-changer for shared bathrooms, giving each person their own personal prepping zone. Plus, you can have fun mixing and matching different countertop materials or cabinet finishes for an eclectic look.

2. Go for Gold

Want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom? Opt for a vanity with gorgeous gold accents. Whether it’s glistening hardware, a shimmery countertop, or even full-on gilded cabinetry, this regal metallic is sure to make you feel like royalty while you’re brushing your teeth.

3. Floating Fancy

Floating vanities are like the supermodels of the vanity world – sleek, streamlined, and oh-so-chic. Not only do they give your bathroom an airy, minimalist vibe, but they also make cleaning those tough-to-reach spots a total breeze.

4. Vintage Vixen

For those with a penchant for all things retro, a vintage-inspired vanity is an absolute must. Scour those antique shops and flea markets for a charming, one-of-a-kind piece that’ll add oodles of character to your bathroom.

5. Rustic Retreat

If modern isn’t your thing, why not embrace the great outdoors with a rustic, farmhouse-style vanity? Think reclaimed wood, rough-hewn textures, and maybe even a vintage trough sink for some serious cabin-core vibes.

6. Open Sesame

Open shelving is a major trend in bathroom vanities right now, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it give off those breezy, coastal vibes, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to display your favorite accessories or greenery.

7. Mirror, Mirror

While we’re on the subject of displays, why not make your vanity mirror the star of the show? Whether it’s an ornate, vintage-inspired number or a sleek, modern design, a statement mirror can instantly elevate your bathroom’s style game.

8. Cabinet Redo

Already have an existing vanity you’re not too keen on? No need to do a full-blown replacement! A simple cabinet refacing or painting job can breathe new life into those old cabinets and give you a fresh, updated look.

9. Concrete Chic

For all you industrial-style enthusiasts out there, a concrete vanity top is an absolute must. Not only is it ultra-durable and low-maintenance, but it also adds a seriously cool, urban edge to your bathroom.

10. Tile, Tile, Baby

Speaking of edgy, why not carry that tile love affair all the way up to your vanity? Tiled vanity cabinets or countertops can add so much visual interest and texture to your space. Plus, they’re a cinch to keep clean!

11. Pedestal Power

If you’re working with a smaller bathroom, a classic pedestal sink might be just the ticket. Not only do they save on precious floor space, but their simple, elegant lines can also give your bathroom a delightfully vintage feel.

12. Repurposed Beauty

Get ready to flex those DIY muscles, because turning an old dresser or cabinet into a custom vanity is all the rage these days. Not only does it add tons of unique character, but it’s also an eco-friendly way to give new life to a piece that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

13. Wall-Mounted Wonder

Ideal for tiny bathrooms or just a sleek, minimalist look, wall-mounted vanities are a space-saving superstar. They give the illusion of more floor space while still providing ample storage and counter space for all your getting-ready essentials.

14. Bookcase Built-In

Why stop at a basic vanity when you can incorporate a whole bookcase or shelving unit? Not only does it provide a ton of extra storage, but it also creates a warm, cozy, and totally custom look that’ll make your bathroom feel like a one-of-a-kind retreat.

15. Vessel Vogue

Vessel sinks have been having a major moment lately, and it’s easy to see why. These stylish, above-counter basins come in a wide range of materials (from glass to stone to metal) and add an instant wow factor to even the simplest of vanities.

16. Color Blast

Who says bathroom vanities have to stick to boring neutrals? Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold, vibrant hues that’ll give your space an instant energy boost. A sunny yellow, punchy teal, or rich plum could be just the thing to enliven your morning routine.

17. Go Green

For a spa-like serenity in your bathroom, incorporate plenty of lush greenery around your vanity. Potted plants, hanging baskets, or even a living wall can breathe new life (literally) into the space and create an ultra-relaxing ambiance.

18. Mixed Media

Can’t decide between wood, metal, or stone for your vanity? Why not have ’em all? Mixing different materials and textures is an easy way to create a one-of-a-kind, ultra-stylish statement piece that’ll have all your guests asking “Where’d you get that?!”

19. Illuminating Ideas

Good lighting is crucial in a bathroom vanity, so don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Incorporate chic sconces, lighted mirrors, or even a statement pendant light overhead to not only brighten up the space but also add some serious ambiance.

20. Legs for Days

Love the clean lines and airy feel of furniture-style vanities? Take it to the next level by opting for a piece with chic, exposed legs. Not only does it elevate the style factor, but it can also make even a small bathroom feel infinitely more open and spacious.

21. Cut It Out

For an ultra-modern and geometric look, consider a vanity with cutout or laser-cut detailing on the cabinet doors. This intricate design element adds tons of visual interest and can really make a statement, especially when paired with minimalist hardware or sleek countertops.

22. Mirror, Mirror Everywhere

Who says you have to limit yourself to just one mirror above the vanity? Create a show-stopping focal point by covering an entire wall or nook with an array of different shaped mirrors. It’s an easy way to make a small bathroom feel infinitely bigger and brighter.

23. Corner Cutie

Have an awkward corner or nook in your bathroom that always seems to go to waste? Turn that dead space into a chic little vanity area! A simple pedestal sink with some open shelving or a small cabinet can provide just enough prep space without overwhelming the room.

24. Pattern Play

For a fun, eye-catching look, don’t be afraid to play with patterns when it comes to your vanity. Think graphic floor tiles, geometric wallpaper accents, or even patterned cabinet facades. Just be sure to let one motif take center stage so the space doesn’t feel too chaotic.

25. Traditional Charm

If you love a classic, timeless look, you can never go wrong with a beautifully carved, wooden vanity in a warm, rich stain. Pair it with vintage-inspired fixtures and accessories for an elegant, old-world feel that’ll never go out of style.

26. Modern Marvel

On the flip side, a sleek, handleless vanity in a high-gloss lacquer finish is about as modern and minimalist as it gets. This ultra-contemporary look is perfect for creating a serene, spa-like oasis right in your own home.

27. Powder Room Panache

Have a small, separate powder room that could use a little zhuzhing? Turn that tiny, often-overlooked space into a glamorous little jewel box with a stunning, furniture-style vanity as the star of the show.

28. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are a modern trend that can make your bathroom look sleek and open. By mounting the vanity on the wall, you create the illusion of more space, making it perfect for smaller bathrooms. Plus, it offers easy cleaning underneath!

29. Double-Sink Vanities

If you share your bathroom, you know the struggle of fighting for sink space. A double-sink vanity can solve this problem, providing ample room for two people to get ready simultaneously. It also adds a sense of luxury to your bathroom.

30. Repurposed Furniture

Why not get creative and use an antique dresser or a vintage table as your bathroom vanity? This idea adds a unique and personal touch to your space, giving it character and charm that a standard vanity just can’t match.

31. Open Shelving

Open shelving under your vanity is a great way to keep your essentials accessible and showcase pretty baskets or towels. This option can make your bathroom feel more airy and less cluttered, especially when paired with minimalist decor.

32. Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity instead of being inset, making a bold statement. They come in a variety of materials and styles, from sleek glass to rustic stone, allowing you to customize the look to your taste.

33. Integrated Storage Solutions

For those who love a tidy bathroom, vanities with built-in organizers and compartments are a game-changer. These vanities keep everything in its place, from your makeup to your toiletries, reducing clutter and enhancing functionality.

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